Studying - its some sort of a never ending process...
well got to enjoy too while studying , rite?
there's always a time & place fr everything...i believe

exam's next week which starts on wednesday....and lasts fr 3 weeks
or actually less than 3 weeks - some schools have already finished their exams
and my school are only starting.... izzit a good thing or a bad thing ?
in the end, have to take exams also coz...there's no running away fr it

now, not attending school till exam starts coz of the public exam fr sec 3
kind of like a study leave.... at home...

so many subjects to read in order to refresh the mind...can't believe
we have to also take PJK & useless subj. - E.S.T
kinda unfair too i realize that singaporeans take a max of 6 subjs fr O lvls
while we here have to take min of 10 subjs fr O lvls / SPM...
so lame....wish i cud drop history subj, not learning about our history but
islamic history....why?
well, ya gotta do what ya hav to do....been looking at the history bk this
morning then went out fr lunch
- now back to study e maths and ltr chemistry....
**blog agaIn next time....