Hmm... haven't been updating fr some time I'll update before
time runs out coz won't be updating over the next few weeks of exam
unless i sneak up to the comp and go online when nobody's seeing...=P

Well, talking 'bout yesterday night...had a fuN time watChing Tarzan and
Smallville !! showing on tv3.... and its also the new season fr Smallville...
tht Clark become Kar-El and so many things happened...can't explain the
whole synopsis here, rite ?
i'm really looking forward fr the following episode this coming sunday....=D

Suppose to study rite now but decided to 'use' a bit of that time to come
online and update this blog.... but i doubt it would be that long...
juz check mail, see around the friendster community and bLog !

gRR.... still waiting fr the reply frm Singapore regarding the exchange
programme sent the letter also so long....already and suppose to reach
there today....prob they won't make the decision to come that fast...
mayb their principal hav to think it over...but i do hope they can come
here...i guess we're too excited but anyway...hope they can come coz
got lots of programmes to be arranged when they are here and i have
to make the initial planning - my hard work and labour is worth no $$,
i ought to charge fr being the planner...organizing would prob be costly
fr programmes too but hope the school will pay!
- the big amounts (of course!) to go now and study - exam iz on wednesday and its history [paper 2]
and also Malay [paper 1]...hate history ! unlucky fr those going fr chinese
exam tomorrow coz others dun hav to attend ! and PMR exams are still
going last day of holi is tomorrow...and got to use it to da fullest...
so, till neXt time....