agaiN here to, here the past weekend have been
going out to enjoy myself. Fr ppl like me, can't juz sit stiLL at hoMe so
decided to go out after fr so long [been having exams], next stop
was the famous and the most glamorous street...BintaNg WaLk...yeah!
had gone there juz to have fuN...+ enJoy to the maX. Went around
those shopping ceNtres around there....Lot 10, Sg. Wang, Berjaya
Times Sq & Low Yat Plaza..and aLso i won't go aLone, rite>? suRe must
go with someone to enJoy together, i went with that
someone la....had stopped buy to snack and stuff....had famous amos
cookies a.k.a free smells shop and had a drink at Starbucks @ Borders,
Times Sq while searching fr some bks....had a mocha ice-blended + tall
+ whipped cream....i wuz niCe....didn't cost much though had also stroll
around the theme park but didn't go, went to see some of those
Final Fantasy 7 character neck-chain...those where the character wears
in the show...with some kind of character design cost
around RM 20....quite reasonable, bought someone...
so, we waLked around and took a monorail again baCk to Sg Wang
there....after that we went back....
Then the next day, usual went to the Curve's market outside
area to walk around and juz see what's nice there....walked again inside
the shopping centre then went fr a while to MPH...later, went to the
bridge to Ikano Power Centre....theN went to ikea ro have some
curry-puffs and also driNks...too bad they dun hav any ice-creams...
i think they onli sell it only on weekdays, not weekends....and as usual
its crowded with people...

Just remembered....forgot to tell ya...YiNky too....aM officially hiRed....
so, you can come and hunt fr me but i'm not gonna tell u where's the
place & you'll have to guess where am i a start, the clue is
that i'm gonna work in Ikano Power Centre....not the Curve...kay...
very easy onLi.... one more clue :: nothing related to the food and
beverages, i hope you have a rough idea on where i'm working??
i think even tintin can't guess coz its a new place i'm gonna work at...
slowly guess...kay!

Oh ya, suNday night also...i went to the Fun-fair at the 1 Utama carpark
area there was a lot of ppl it was ok i find...but i think Sunway
theme park would be better...but there were some rides that sunway
don't have so it was juz alright....went fr the ferris wheel...then to some
turnaround thing which they have at Sunway....all in all - sunway's one i
feel its more complete sort of ice-skating and so....
wait till the singaporeans come here and we'll go there to have fun...
Think i'll stop now...enough fr this entry i think...have added some
features such as the counters and also the iweb music...eNjoy !