baCk here to bLog agaiN... shouLd be at woRk today but didn't go and
won't be going fr the next 2 days - dun ask why... don't worry too.. i'm
not fired frm worK too...somethiNg like takiNg leave unlike YiNky
fraNkly, beEn busy these days with the preparation fr the Disney Fair at
the main concourse next week... was doiNg the confirmation of the
part-timers and to also finalize it....also a few calls here and there
to make sure they come next Tuesday... also had a short briefing with
the retail manager together with the other permanent staff about the
responsiblities duriNg the fair as well as which area we're in-charge

it had beEn quite a busy day...till Liyana call me up about the job
asking her to go USJ 1 for training when she works during the Disney
Fair... well, tues morning iz aLso the full briefing fr all promoters and
staff...also hav to stay back fr set-up of the fair on Monday night...
they wanted me to stay till 12 midnight fr set-up but i refused coz no
OT iz, no point staying...toLd them i'll work onli till 10.30
p.m... hope itz alright - let the others do the set-up after that

unexpectedly - when hui ting called when i was working, so that she
could express her excitement...i was juz wondering..why don't she
call the ass instead....hahah!! the ass wouLd be so happy when they
get to hear her voice...guess they missed it to0...
can't wait till eNd of the that can get my pay!!!
finally - 30th iz the week after, soon i will get paid
and btw, i've already finishing my second bk of Smallville... and ya
it took quite long fr me to finish coz i onli could read it when i'm
having my break...wait till i get back to work then i can continuE
readiNg...hearD also duriNg the will be so busy until cannot
go for lunch....and the darN thing iz that hav to go all the way back
upstairs to punch card whenever we start / finish work...
hav wrote enough fr this entry...will bLog agaiN when hav the time
prob nexT week...