blogging again today coz itz my off-day... seEms that i got too many off
-days that they willing to givE me... last weEk got 3 days leave...fri, sat
and sunday...and today..well, the manager told me that i missed a lot
when i was terms of the stocks and so on...was a bit bluR on
the set-up day..which was at nigHt - stayed till 11 p.m - as usual move
all the thiNgs down frm the store to the fair area...then to arrange the
stuff, hang all the clothes... dunno why we did in such a hurry although
we had all night to all those...the others stayed till 2 - 3 in the morniNg
juz to finish it up as well as the fencing...but still they get to claiM their
over-time the next day was a full shift fr me - which was
compulsary fr all staff... only some of them get to go baCk by 6 p.m coz
they stayed back at, its left me and the other part-timers...
haD to keep an eye on them so they do their job properLy...

Well, it has its pros! I get to ask them to do anything...also get to tell
them not to talk, no using h/p and so on... the darN thinG iz that we
hav to weaR some silly, dumB Disney though we're gonna
cook fr the fair...the boutique manager was there too - not too baD juz
that she sort of complains a lot...she's fairly alright...haD some proBlems
too with the seEms that a pair of them had gone missing
after their break time...and never came, we have not enough
ppl at the, they're hiring again...and i hav some doubts about
them paying double on public-holidays...the way they say it like bluff
ppl, i kiNda don't really trust the company employed, it
depends on the company whether to pay them extra... well, if they dun
pay juz hope that some bomoh will jampi and burN down their factory...

Didn't do much today, so juz at home -- relax, go on the nEt, see my
favourite show - Always On My Mind, reaD some bks... and others
also went to 1 Utama juz to walk around...and the main thing iz passed
by Aldo, also saw her again there... she also saw me passed by in front of
the shop and she juz smiled... nothing much i somehow froze there fr a
while then i walked off...the next step isn't really clear here...let fate
decide..but the way she looked isn't that old...prob around 16 yrs or
possibly 15 yrs but any older is alright i seEms that age doesn't
matter nowadays hoW truE iz that ??? well, love iz bliNd... got to work
again tomorrow...i'm starting afternooN shift tomorrow...juz startin to
enjoy beiNg at the fair itz more exciting being downstairs than upstairs..
but hav to always go up to punch carD when break time...still readiNg
bks fr free at Popular... and already finished my 3rd bk...gonna continuE
some more..well, tireD of typing's where i leave...

:: eNd ::