time fr update! coz tintin saiD that my tag-board updates most of the
time but not the posts... so, i'm heRe to type another entry heRe
nothiNg spectacular happeNed except busy - busy & busy at work of
courSe..the Disney Fair at Ikano P.C. so, the starting was a bit moderate
not that muCh of a crowD...weekeNd was ok - got a lot of activities
held throughout the fair..the onE thing that happeNed tough..during the
treasure huNt..fiNd items in the fair... wheN one lady suddeNly knock
dowN the christmas tree... when running to the stage... so, the tree was
a bit disfigured... the star on top dropped off...and the stage was rather
in a mess...i wuz juz thinking...thiNgs might have gone much worse well
they might have created a hole on the stage...in terms of sales - it wuz
roughly alright...our target fr weekdays are 10K and weekends are 50K
well... not that we got to reach out target juz needed a few thousands
more to achieve..the boutique manager was there too, Ms. Drusylla a.k.a
godzilla...complained every thiNg that wasn't right... well, she was also
quite angry when got to know that staff are having break at 8 p.m
which wasnt clearly said cannot... however- we were juz told not to
do so today onwards... she caN always drop by the fair coz she staying
very near..at B. Utama- so, we're always on the look-out...

Wo0-hOo.... pay-day iz comiNg sooN...!!!! and i'm
gonna get paiD...so, i calculated my pay already to be submitted
..in case got any mistakes in the timiNg/hours... the manager
ask me to calc first... so, i did - coz on the 30th Nov. will be on
leave... better if calc earlier...if i'm not mistaken - i would have
got around 800+...and if i hadn't got lazier...i would have got
around 900+ || didn't do fuLL shiFt || well, the p/t also get paid
by the 30th... their pay iz mainly the time they worked throughout
the start of the fair...not that much...
the p/t were generally alright... sometimes they're lazy a bit..but can't
heLp it though...they're juz quite ok...especially the ones working at
the same as i am... one of them are so darn hardworking !!
really surprised that they never stopped-they juz continue..one of them
even do the work of other promoter..."tak tahan! already!" so, juz play
a joke saying that i cannot stand it seeing that feller so "into" it...
ok la... kudos to them...sorry la.. i was handling the cashier the whole
day and didn't help them do the arranging and stuff...
talking about cashier...luckily there wasn't any shortage if not... i will
have to pay to retain the cash float...to my surprised...there was even
excess to it... so, alright la do cashier-ing once in a while... but dun
wanna do it so ofteN...the whole time counting money onli + handling
the register and c.card purchases...
kay - have wrote enough fr todays entry... will blog again sooN
coz got full shift - many of them off-day so, had to take full shift...
tomorrow...get more $$ to get the stuff i waNt...
off to calculate agaiN my final salary...

:: eNd ::