Fine...i juz magically have the time to blog's already 11.45
p.m and i suppose to be sleeping aLready...otherwise will be too
exhausted fr tomorrow's another round of full-time shift...frM morning
till night..b'cause of those Malays going to celebrate their Raya
tomorrow and i hav to replace them and work least have
to do 2 things which iz do the stock-checking [adMin woRk] and
replace the girl to handle the "Nike" apparels...incLuding serving the
customers if they need anything....isn't it kinda tedious ??? well... at
least - i'm paid to do these stuff..if not, i'm the first to quit...thank
gdness that the manager iz quite aLright and aLso heLpful...especially
the full-timers...teach me how to do aLmost everything
break iz about 1 hr, i eat & stroll around takes nearly half an hour...
then the rest iz spent at Popular... i juz sit there and read some
books...sometimes Rich Dad, Poor Dad and Harry Potter...if i hav full
day then i'll hav 2 times late afternoon Well, overall this
job is not bad...! easier to understand & they dun treat the workers
like slave but there's one lady...asst manager darN unfair coz she give
priority to the workers under her....well, i'm under the store manager, its way better...the asst manager can't harm me...she's no
threat to me... all was fiNe fr today...

and i aLso saw some F.O.S workers -- they're juz opposite the shop i'm
working at...went up the lift together after lunch time...this girl
darn cocky juz because some ppl are frm the opposite shop and bigger
than their shop...think that gal iz frm the BU 4 Sec School...she juz
show the bitchies face i've ever seen the whole day.... i guess u ppl
know how bitchy ppl look like = something like ppl i noE in school
juz fr the reason that i asked her to hoLd the lift a 'lil that
too much to ask...girls like this are such horror...
Well, i aLso saw this guy fr the same Factory Outlet Store [F.O.S]
danciNg his way to the toilet and he was in the "so-malu" condition
and had run straight to the toilet to avoid me laughing at him....
well, "haha!"....there's fair coming soon too at the main concourse..
and i'm aLso involved even i was posted upstairs...juz saw my duty
schedule fr weeks to come....juz terima shj since the manager told
me that they will be other as part-timer and they
as part-timer i different....they work as long the fair iz on while
i still work even when the fair iz over....hope u ppl understand the
difference... thiNk i have bLogged enough fr now... gtg & sleep
me, signing off....