Back again to blog...been quite busy with the job and the unnecessary
stuff...aLso Selamat HAri Raya to all the Malays...sorry fr the late wishes
been working something like day & night...itz been onli 6 days i'm
working there and i feels that i had been a very long time already...well
had already experienced a lot..throughout this whole week...and it had
been also a very long week...juz imagine beiNg there fr 10 hrs fr most
of the time...also due to the festive season to0...seen a lot of ppl and
also served a lot of customers think of it...there are definately
different types of customers...some choosy, irritating, inconsiderate...
and many more...but managed to handle it well...there are bound to
have the ups and downs in the working life....

the thing i'm really disatisfied with iz their pay for part-timers is so
darn, damn ""low""... itz only RM 4 per hour and they don't include
any incentives or attractions such as OT, commision or anything like
that...isn't that the dumb-est thing ever...? they dont even pay the
p/t staff any triple pay fr the public holidays that we worked
it iz puRely duMb, s-tupid, imbecile of them -- they think we're
sort of free labour or so...dreAm on!! nothing is free!!! in this cruEl
woRld...i even complained to the store manager as well as the
retail manager (in-charge of the retail shops) 'bout the benefits they
don't give to the staff... let they all untung onli !

at least other shops got give some benefits like OT/commission, this?
nothing !! at all... i really felt like quitting, right at their faces...
although they expect me to train the new p/t staff during the fair
....but once i quit -- there won't be any !!! coz the full-time will be
all upstairs and p/t will be downstairs at the after they
heard that i'm possibly be leaving.... they're trying to persuade me
not to leave...but as long as i don't get extra pay...i can juz say
good bye! and neva see u again....and also till i get a new job
somewhere else mayb in 1 Utama or somewhere in Ikano or the
Curve...was thinking of F.O.S but i'm sure they're others....
i'll give some time fr the manager to speak to the human resource
dept. and decide whther to pay me more....if not, too bad!
coz i don't want to waste time and earn working like
a multipurpose customer service sell...
to do admin get stock fr customers... nopE!!
i'm aiN't gonna do that aNymore!!
itz going to be 1 wk already and i still get paid fr working at least a
week...if i quit, let's wait and see...
gotta go now...tomorrow still got work...and neEd some rest....
bEen working full fr the past few days...will bLog later in got
the time to do so....tilll neXt time..!