postiNg again unexpectedly coz i would onli post during my off-days or
whenever i'm free... ya - thiz bLog iz boriNg coz everytime i post itz
onli 'bout my joB and life that surrounds it... nothiNg that interesting...

everday go to work... it can either be a fun/good day or a serious or
critical state...B.A.D day sometimes it can also be both - so, it becomes
a moderate day... now, it seems that everyime that cashier goes to
break...i will have to help handle the cashier... the effects of being too
helpful / nothing to do...well, extremely hate it when it becomes a bad
day when i'm workin' - seEms like the fun / thrill isn't there anymore...
likE what happeNed 2day... got irritated by one of the promoter frm the
supplier company... they refuse to return the vacuum cleaner after they
use... it was ghani's collegue [ghani's frm my school] and another thing
happened -- another promoter was playing ball at the other side while
workin' and was found out by the manager...b'coz he's under my area - i
was told to look out...and this would be his last chance if he was ever
found out.... obviously, there's a time and place to play... and person
has to be serious at, ppl - go & get a joB to experience all this
the experience iz simply priceless..well,this joB caN be stressful at times

mainly, its the attitude!! there are times when a person can or can't do
and honestly - i felt like telling the manager to fire him... he complains
that this job has too many rules to follow... what the fish!! everytime
his always not at his counter... go to washroom also so long... till the
supplier had to wait fr him fr so loNg... even other places - they fire ppl
fr being like that instantly... they would juz tell tomorrow don't come
back...and juz pay salary..even us staff had to handle his items and write
cash memo on his behalf...nt only that... i really can't stand that indian
girl dating the malay really doesn't seem right...btw, i realized
that my place got one guy - lala zai / ah bengz workin' with us...
his pants were somehow extended at the end, un-buttoned T-shirt...and
others qualities that bengz are likE...that so not in style...

well, those above iz all i wanted to say / express myself...
juz hope i won't have such baD days!!! they'd juz make me sick of my
job currently... also received "ha mai's" message juz asking how's my job
so, i juz replied - itz alright & goodbye! - sure wan ppl to help her...
get a grip! craP!!!...its already December!!!! soon hav to go baCk and
study sooN -- 30 days countdown...felt juz like holidays juz started...
hav wrote enough now... will update ltR on...

:: end ::