so fast already the eNd of its the braNd nEw year 2006
it feels like as if - juz the beginning of 2005.... haD quite aN enjoyable
time - couNtdown fr 12 midnight....juz that i was workin' at that time..
the complex was so crowded like anythiNg....ppl jammin the entrance
to the fair... and it raiNed a bit wet and stuff....
the most stupid-est thiNg was the fireworks was blasted at the other
corner -- so, we couldn't see but juz some sparkles in the air...
eNjoyed it quite a lot too...
and itz oNe of the beSt New Year - i've eveR haD....i and the other
promoters had our share of fuN to0 by spraying those snow and string
thing at each other -- mostLy those full-timers & mE ! keNa theiR
snow spray... haihZ... y spray mE and not the other guy????
had also received some numerous messages aNd a call frM Singapore
[Cass] juz to wish a very Happy New wuz great thiNk
better thaN last yr coz last yr was at soMe party in KL....with family
but enjoyed it a 'lil better this yr coz celebrated the New Year
wiF frieNds!!
"Experiences in Life are to be Shared with....."
which iz so truE....what's liFe if it isn't shared with anyone else..?
sound like leading a solitary life of boredom... if there's anyone like
that being solitary - plz come out of ur sheLL and start socializing..
aNd live Life to da fuLLest...
gosh! 3rd of Jan start new semester already!!! got to wake up early
and stuff...not to mention study like heLL....with a major exam...
throughout the yr... and i'm still working tomorrow...but half day
onli...coz got to get ready.... i'm so gonna miss my joB although i
dun like it very much but 1 things fr surE :::
i'M never goNna work wiF Hytex anymoRe....unless any reasonable
explanation fr me to go back there... which i'd rather not work
& find some other job that pays higher....
which not until the end of neXt year...but had a lot experience
through my very first job... of what's working life like....
and also dealing with the bosses.. -- muh technique of "how to make
yourself to be the bosses out of them".... but to some certain extent
only...not too extreme...they're still the boss anyway....
haven't thought of my 2006 resolution yet....but there are sure some
i'd expect most out of it.....and some i least expect most...
well... we'll seE... so0N! -- SomEday We'll Know....
blog agaiN neXt time!!!

:: eNd ::