oh great...i feel that this is the saddest day of 2006...coz
today the singaporean students and teachers went back to
singapore this morning...so, we all met up at school this
sunny morning...be4 that, brought J.B. to hav breakfast
before he leaves for his trip back to Singapore...and then
we all met up at approx. 9.30 a.m then juz to talk fr a
while for the last time... as its still uncertain when we
ever gonna meet each other again... gave Jun Boon a gift
for him to remembr when he goes back to Sg...and also to
Sam, Jocelyn, Jacob and Shalom...

hope they all enjoyed their stay here throughout the
whole week..we were very lucky to b able to have them
here and to be able to meet them..so,we chatted fr some
time b4 they have to leave in the cabs fr the bus terminal
in KL..suddenly, Ms. Zavier and Ms. Sujatha had arrived in
their cabs to pick their students...Ms. Zavier had also
passed me a bookmark with a message written on it...

ltr on, we walked them to the cab and saying our
goodbyes to all of them... and Jacob and Jun Boon started
tearing as we all said goodbye and they started going on
their cabs..so, it was not like me to start tearing at the
same time..and it started coz i saw them crying.... and
we hugged each other i was really sad at that time...and
somehow i felt as if we're not gonna see each other
again... Hui Ting claim to hav cried..well, it was mainly
jun boon(student staying with me) it really felt not the
same when he left... coz my buddy used to b with me
24x7 and now? not anymore...i went to Ikano today to
collect some things...it brings the flashback when the
group of us were there shopping...
well, its now memories of the past...

then i go and hear Because Of You by Kelly Clarkson and
Graduation by Vitamin C which reminds me of them...
and also the sad feelings...
oh well, as Hui Ting says Let's cry -- Bo0-Ho0!!

now, i dun hav any reason to go out late at night...having
meals outside...coming back late...and no more going out
wif my foster bro out anywhere during weekdays...
-> if any of those in the student exchange prog readin' this
juz to tell ya that we really miss you all...keep in touch !

Its so not going to b the same next Monday... coz i've lost
the person sitting beside me..and it'll be empty fr the
whole year ahead...left with onli with J.B's name on the
table...and no more students in brown uniform...in 5 Adil

g0sh! this gonna take some time be4 i get over this...and
won't be going to wake anyone up frm bed and wont b
walking to school together n the morning....it iz really
going to take a long time be4 i could get over this....
"I saw your face in a crowded place, and I don't
know what to do..."
bLog again ltr...and see when i can get over this...

:: EnD ::