That wuz what my sch's principal said during this week's
assembly...obviously refering to us - 5 Adl, 5 Ama and
3 Ama.sinCe the Singaporeans went back - it really didn't
feel the same...esp in class, as though we had lost them
somewhere and forgottened to bring them back...
for the past week there was Jun Boon sitting next to me
and next was Sam, further down was JoCe...then it
was suddenly different aldy...f.y.i - every year i would
normally sit alone, but got some ppl that occasionally sit
beside felt different when they were here fr a
week and suddenly touch n' go...

time really flies...also its precious too and really hav to
cherish it to the fullest...they were right that we
weren't able to go all the places in KL juz in 1 wk..darN
hope they would come again - and can go to other
places...well, the overview of this week was rather
boring...and had piles of h/w to finish due to the
previous wk that I missed...and needs to be passed up
too bad dun hav my consultant here - J.B to help plan
my stuff accordingly and do my h/w!!! if he can la...
now the CNY fever iz here aldy...and still i hav h/w
to complete over the 1 week holiday...instead of became h/w holiday
well, tomorrow's aldy the eve of CNY...and hav to go
back fr reunion dinner as usual...then next day iz CNY
day 1...then day 2 - go back my other hometown in
Ipoh...and celebrate my birthday...
btw, when u sg students coming here again eh ???
march holi / may-jun holi ??? do rmembr to call us if ya
all coming here...we'll b glad to see u guys..
typed enough fr now... will update ltr

:: eNd ::