juz got back frm grandparents house in kajang...this yr
like not so exciting aldy mayb coz my aunt iz not here
but in Australia with my cousin... they couldn't make it
back fr the New Year...so, 1 less angpow but still when i
see her later sure she'll give me...no worries...
got numerous angpows today frm a lot of distant
relatives which i dun really know...but still my other
uncles and aunts are still there..the whole of today was
vegetarian meal - mainly lunch and dinner coz itz 1st day
of the month and neEd to eat vegetarian...

well, the day activities was onli eat and watch Astro...
eat only no-meat stuff...so = crackers and drink box and
can drinks...was switching the channels when i switched
to Astro AEC and saw Dance Competition held in Penang
on dunno what date...which had Latin Dancing....
all da rhumba and samba...which reminds me of Jacob
dancing at Pn Chan's dance club...fascinating....

wanted to mention this earlier...juz when i was in a
movie last night watching Fearless...jun boon called me
in the middle of da show..however, thats not the point
so aftr i got back..he called and we chatted on da phone
...chat and chat for almost 2 hours....think mayb coz
we haven't been talking fr so long...it wuz great to get
to chat...laughing on da phone..and so... =)
not to even think 'bout the cost of calling Malaysia and
talking for so long...i'M so luCky that i've got a buD
that iz willing to call me frm so far...there were lots
of stories that we had to tell each other....
so, i think itz worth while...once in a while call but
not everytime la...
well, today's prob my last entry fr the meantime coz
going back to Ipoh tomorrow...itz up north of Malaysia
not south...to think of it - i haven't finish my h/w
all those e maths and a maths....and others...

AttN :: Jun Boon !!! You oWe me a testimonial
on Friendster...!!! siNce i've written fr you
aldy - kay! & will teach u how to blog when
you come online....

blog again later.....

:: End ::