updating again during the holidays of CNY...
thank gdness we're given a week break...
unlike some schools starts and hav to go back
on weds or thurs - all kewL...fr now-came
back frm Ipoh on weds morning...had to rush
to hav lunch gathering with Goh family at
the club...we're the invited family there so
and of course we're related la... if not won't
be there in the first place...they had this
ang-pau presenting ceremony to their Goh
decendants which goes a long way...fr their
achievement - A-level and others...and they
had this lucky draw...and my num wuz 98
and got a hamper which was 3rd prize...the
other cousin of mine got a DVD player which
was 2nd prize...overall, it was a gR8 lunch..!

one thing 'bout that was i had to miss YiNky's
open house...which started at 2 p.m and was
suppose to go but had to miss it cz the lunch
was until 4 plus so,
SORRY that i had to miss..
esp to ZW that had to b all alone wiF da girLs
xD -- nvm la...i'll b at ur house this saturday
...kay! won't miss wan la...hopefully =)

later that night had dinner together with my
aunt who juz came back from Australia...
after sending my cousin there to study in the
high school there. food there was great - ate
in a rest. somewhere around Mont Kiara...
which we had to go there aftr unsuccessful
attempts "trying" to go to Kim Gary at the
Curve / Mid-Valley...which had such nice
food to eat...which i didn't get to since the last
time the Singaporeans went there to eat & i
didn't hav the chance to do so...

well, i'm feeling very unwell since this
morning...felt quite tired and a bit feverish
think bcoz attending too many long-course
meal and had been going out to a lot of places..
this definately not as tiring as the week the
Singaporeans were here.coz that was ::
daytime = school, night = shop
the days were packed with lots of stuff...
counted ed my ang-pau amount but am not
going to boast the amount here..juz to let
myself know can ed...and it isn't in K amount...
don't think i'm going to buy anything fr now
too.. dun really need anything urgently...
i'm not a major shopaholic too...

now, itz all completing my h/w given by
that so inconsiderate Malay teacher - who
obviously dont know the spirit of CNY...
and had to burden us with all of this...
i also know la...itz fr the gd of all those
taking 'o' levels. - no comment...
well, went to Post Office today and wanted
to send the parcel but unsuccessful coz itz
way more ex than what i expected...so, i'll
send it next wk or tomorrow using the
reasonable wan that i found out earlier...it
wuz around 1.3 kg [+ box] la..and was really
ex - even the letters now juz raised the
price...no more sending locally using 30 cts
stamp..and itz 50 cts stamps..so, it
eventually will cost more sending letters to
Sg - which previously i did send every now
and then...

btw, Jacob - if ya reading this...fr goodness
sake...where you've been ?? hven't been
seeing u online!!! nothin' la...juz wanted to
chat a bit and see u online once in a while...
j.B = will try to call u prob next wk...juz call
fr fun...talk till you drop...xD

**blog again next time...