here again to update...well, school starts tomorrow..aftr
the whole week of holidays..& itz all fr the preparation
of the 1st term examination or better known as common
test...ya - so darN "common" well, the fifth formers hav
all three papers fr the science subjs. which starts on the
1st of March...which lasts till holidays...
aiN't that great... finaLLy --> i finished my h/w!!! which
iz particularly A Maths which one or two q was left blank
coz simply dont get how to do...oh well..
next was all the biology, history, malay and some others
completing h/w and seem to never end...

juz now went out for dinner at Bangsar Village and walk
around there...had this intention of going to Kim Gary at
Mid-Valley but dun wan la...coz juz ate the other day
at The Curve...but it wuz really tempting to do so...
walk around the night market too coz today's a Sunday
and juz look and see...didnt buy much...

ah...yestd went to ze wei's house for CNY open house
at Kota Damansara then to Meng Yean's house which
was a few doors away and later to Sally's house around
the area too...was treated lunch at zw's house and juz
sit down and chit-chat...only some others played cards
at Sally's house and played with the dog...that dog iz
overly agressive i suppose - kept on sticking to jia yao
and running around...then talk a bit about the year-end
prom too...let's have in First World Hotel...xD

next was do nothing and tried to call Jacob but no ans
frm his cell...and next Jun Boon but he was out and
he told us not to call him coz it'll charge him...
so, i dunno wad to do with the IDD card that i bought
which cant call ppl...jun boon also told me not to call
his his "schedule" iz packed...RIGHT !!!
offered to call him next tues night which iz on my
burfday but NO! he's toooooo....buSy..test coming
everyday...and he needs to get A1 for every single of it he's the onli one taking what am i
gonna do about it...use the IDD and call myself...??
luckily got to talk to Cassandra today..but only fr a short - iz really to call myself...
however, gonna send the parcel tomorrow and it should
reach in 1 or 2 days SGP - should b quite fast

well, i'd better get ready fr school tomorrw....
but lz la...first lesson tomorrow iz E Maths aldy
blog again next time..