kay... i'll juz make this this entry quick before i go fr
my CCA in school...itz that uniformed group again the
something like army cadet...itz marching practice be4
the sports day this coming saturday...must retain the
1st position among the other groups...xD last yr we are
also the winner...so hopefully can win again with such
limited time fr practice...too bad prefect marching dun
hav ppl to march...itz a lame group esp with Aaron as
the commanding head...with Malathi forcing other ppl
to march...fr prefect group *points at Nanzi*
oh well, taking this opportunity 2 thanx ZeWei fr getting
a tortoise as a gift fr my birthday...THANX duDe!!!!
and also Samantha fr getting me this nicE wallet
birthday card and the valentine wishes...ya, that
tortoise iz made out of coconut shell mainly...=) cute?
okla - i wonder what am i gonna keep inside?? nvm i'll
juz place it there fr the time being...too many stuff
on my table...

btw, watch fr the Star newspaper edition fr tomorrow
in stuff@school - the exchange student prog might be
published there..gonna go early in the morning to the
petrol station and get copies of them...hahah!!
and hope they play the song again tomorrw...u noE
wht - my blog song in school!!! think today's valentines
thats y they play that song...and Hui TIng - plz dont go
"aww!! shaun..." like today =P they played it over the
P.A system...it sound like crap...my mp3 and comp
can play better quality sound of the song...

here's an extract fr fun...::
I watch you die, I heard you cry
Every night in your sleep, I was so young
You should have known better than to lean on me
You never thought of anyone else you just saw your pain
And now I cry in the middle of the night, doing the same
damn thing

gtg now...aldy 4 o'clock...byeZ...
blog again next time...