's whole event wuz juz lame...nothing much
but juz to march and look around...sell drinks too...which
am not paid to do so...and worse still - have to go around
and promote fr ppl to, i refuse standing in da hot
sun but to juz sit in the tent and look aftr the stall...with
Mei Lan since Jean went touring and Hui Ting went fr duty

my group this year iz so lamE to da max...they couldn't
find the TUDM flag and the nicer signage name [the board]
it seems that they lost it...we had to use an old ugly flag
and an old signage terms of practice - it wasnt
done 1 reason we lost this year to
Police Cadet...namely the commander i suppose...he was
even late fr the ending ceremony and we're the last to b
in line there...however i knew that we had a chance to
lose this year...anyway, better luck next time...

standing in the sun fr the whole marching event and came
back with a sunburn...and a tan...didnt even realize till
i came back and looked in da face and arms
were red...arms got two tone colour - red and tannned..
so, got back and put had this stinging pain had to put in still hurts now!!

well, jin yin brought an outsider today..some guy named
Dansen...izzit? oh well, Mei Lan wuz telling me how hot
he as in HOT !!!...ya, she said bout his body
how shuai he me he looked innocent that
type...thought he's still in secondary but ze wei sez
that he in uni and 20 yrs +...oh well, he "seems" friendly
helped collect the sales coz i had to move da chairs...
and he really got close with jin though they were
dating or sumthing...someone else's not...xD
and ya...ze wei iz having a series of complications which
resorted to depression...solution to it ? beats me...

now, hav to finish Moral project...and my Malay essay
which iz so duE on Monday if nt she wont mark my book..
...exams in 2 week time and starts on 3rd March till holi
typed enough...blogg again next time...