back to blog again since havent been updating fr past few
days and should do so... oh well, itz a study week aldy
all da CCA and stuff iz very minimal since we had sports
day last week already...had x-tra Chemistry class after
school...since term examination coming ed...and ltr went
fr IT class - and i regret fr leaving early juz fr the club wuZ bORING likE heLL!!! we were practically
learning to use comp like we hadnt use if we're
those orang asli ppl who juz come out frm the jungle...

my physics teacher was the teacher, we
were learning to create new folder...typing using the
Mircosoft Word...and saving it..not to mention wasting was utterly, i saw it wuz 3 o'clock
then i quickly runaway frm there...then go home... and
got ready fr tuition and luok hoon wuz there too...
came back then started some light studying...wuz kinda
tired aftr a long day at tuition..

Now - i'm taking a break aftr doing the tugasan harian
fr moral project and i dun think i can finish in time...
can i ? nw onli got to settle down to do sch work
this afternoon had some rest before tuition today...
then went to eat at KimGary fr dinner - voted No.1
Restaurant in my list...xD wonder what am i gonna
buy fr yoke yin's birthday this Sat night... onli can go
and buy this Sat coz i dun get to go out...surprised
actually that she's having it in the evening...and we
had this spot-check weds morning...wasnt surprised
that they had the check other prefects
checked 2 classes onli - 5 Adil and Amanah...things
confiscated wuz h/p , Mp3 and liquid papers and
some other stuff...whatever la...check la till the
rat's hole - see if they can find anything...

Well, got to push all the unnecessary stuffs aside fr
next weeks think of it makes me feel
insecure...a.k.a nervous..biology experiment today
wuz horrible - didnt really get the result fr the exp
and hav to do detailed experiment SPM
purpose...and next iz Moral project then got Malay
oral language exam soon...then the other science's
detailed report...its never ending...going bonkers

juz received Cassandra's letter from Singapore and
the stamp there wuz "BY Air Mail" using SGD$ 0.40
swtz...we here hav to use more than a dollar to
send mail to Sg and thats by land...on a every now
and then sending wuz 3 pages..she sent..

kay think i hav blogged enough..nw back to writing
my those meaningless essays that iz trying very hard to
cultivate ppl wiF writing and memorizing
the values...and not by practicing it in daily life...