kay...i'll make this a short entry as i am lack of time...
ya...coz nw finishing up my Moral project to b handed in
by latest this Friday means tomorrw muz go bind ed..
if nt, she'll[Ms. Shirlena] go bonkers...last wk, went fr
YiNky's burFday party..at her huse at tropz...it wuz a
nite party so we're treated to a marvelous "buffet"
made by her mother...faNtastiC!
she shud do it more often leh..xD well, we dun normally
get to hav such gatherings very often ya noE...
so, enjoyed it to da fullest and some others that i dun
wan to go into futher detail...
well, something that shocked me that someone broke up
and in the end they missed each other...
---------------question = what the heck?-----------------
normally ppl break up - they dun tend to miss / luv/care
fr each other ed...so, that puzzled me...neway, i'm not
discouraging them la...well, love iz practically blind
anyway...so start over lo...love can be a fantastic thing
ya noE...a person juz hav to feel it...its a mutual thing..
well, its all jz my opinion...kay! NOTHING RELATED 2 mE

so, pass few days was was totally focused to studies...
ya..till i was carried away togethr with it..been revising
the important subjs...and bad news iz s-tupid sch change
the exam schedule and starts on Thurs...instead of the
original plan = Friday...Thurs= Malay
and this Fri iz biology and modern maths...

today, meng yean went fr the taylor's debate workshop..
and anisha supposedly to go but came back coz no space
fr her in da car...swt! so malu man...she juz said gd bye
juz be4 she came back...hope that doesnt happen to me
coz defering tomorw's Malay paper fr the enviromental
science quiz in a school in USJ - thurs morning...
i dunwann o sit fr that..siNce teacher say can anytime sit
fr da paper when free...xD aftr they say cancel and i end
up hav to take exam - swt! *crosses finger

think better stop here... will blog again another
long next time...