oh...itz wednesday ed & going 2 b end of da week
finally..yaya...exam havent finish and i'm online to
blog and all..tomorrw's chemistry and started
studying ed since the very afternoon i got back..
had a migraine frm the freakin' add maths paper
...the paper started out very well...doing functions
and stuff till it got closer to section B i wuz gettin'
more difficult ed...couldnt do the last question of
section B but not entirely all but some couldn't...

well, juz do and do...without knowing whether itz
correct anot...always remembr that crazy teacher
say - u think u are correct but you're not..
--------------SCREW her la.---------------
physics on the other hand was much simpler -
onli use 2 formulaes...and juz calculate...and some
explanation to do fr the essay part...considered
quite ok...except that i wuz late passing up my
physics paper coz i did wrongly and re-do - luckily
i realized first - didnt take much time...aftr
tomorrw's chemistry - itz onli Malay, Moral and
EST to take and runs away...darn it got Chemisty
extra class during the holidays...

right - really a hectic week... ignored some ppl i do
not want to talk to..and havent been talking to her
lately..."her" as in not anybody her but specifically
her...xD mayb coz got exam - hardly got the time...
anyway, holi coming...if i dare will ask her out...=)
mayb i would la...depends...
oh, Cass and her gang are coming here fr their geo
trip suppose to meet her but dunno when and how
coz their teacher say no talking 2 strangers and no
something else...they're stayin at Dynasty hotel...
which i think i noE where but not sure....think itz
near PWTC..her last day was touring KL & weirdly
with a tourguide swtz! sounds a bit difficult...was
thinking of having lunch together or something...
since last met her last yr...

kay...back to chemistry...

[for my exam, not fr the sake of the subj...]