kay... holidays are here aldy finally...get to take a break
frm the horrendous sch..but hav to go back fr extra class
on tues. and thurs. - chemistry... and also give me some
time to finish my work that had been put-on-hold mainly
de :: moraL project...science reports and to revise...
well, i wont take the weeks break as a total vacation la
-- juz to clear things up and all...

2day, went fr lunch then went walkie-walkie at 1 Utama
didnt buy anything coz didnt hav the need to buy...so,
it wuz plain walkaround... then had dessert at Bakerzin
in the new wing... they had the best dessert EVER...
they serve lunch too but my family had cakes and I had
an apple strudle...and a latte...it wuz fabulous...
they had wine added in the cakes too but was minimal
though...the pastry i had was nicE...shall go again next
time...but when it came to da bill...it wuz superb-ex
every item ordered costs close to 10 bucks each...
so, i guess we all noE wad the total amount iz...well,
my dad paid...can la once in a while...my first time...

back to sch affairs, I dont know why but i really feel the
feeling uneasy in sch nowadays...dunno caused by wad...
its somehow i dont enjoy being in school...but this wuz
way better than last time...last time - i totally hate it.
CONFESSION :: I'm being too playful...haha =) u Adilianz
noE why rite...not being myself lately...covering up the
sadness in me - by being overly happy ? i realize too that
it affected my acad. i could hav done better in acad...
with more seriousness and effort..i used to complete my
h/w but sometimes delay...now - i totally dun hand in
like my english compo. completed a part bt neva hand in
- think i shall put a stop in this...stop this procrastination
i also hope this doesnt become like easier said than done
but will try my very best...back to the supposedly my
usual self - the one ka huey used to complain about....
-> no comments 'bout the above...plz! i dont wanna hear
gypsies / counsellors / witches looking fr an answer in
their crystal balls fr my problem...

well, "she" asked me out...shocked indeed...but not sure
when or where...but a day spent with her..shud b alright
itz not confirmed too...but isnt it - i should b the one
asking...? anyway, she asked first be4 i can say a word
bout it at all...btw, bout that thingi post on my tagg...
itz definitely not her!...and it muz b some wannabes...
a.k.a stalkers - i shall remove that soon...

well, Cassandra iz coming next week fr her geo trip...
will b meeting up if nothing comes up...hope she comes
back from FRIM will drop by 1U then meet her there...=)
instead of KL but if itz early..shud b alright if i go KL
since zw has a difficulty of going too far and a 30%
possibility of going...which iz very unlikely fr him to go
which initially interests him to go...in da first place...

next, hope i get to go fr the driving law test a.s.a.p and
get my learners license...and pass everything till i get
my P soon...and i cant find a new blogskin!!! searched
through blogskins but cant find one i like the whole day..
i wanna change my current skin....

- i'm too down to type anymore...guess i'll blog
again aftr some time...
[i will not walk this path....]