muahahah... i've finally got a new skin!!!!!!!!!
yeah...aftr scouting around blogkins...i got the one
that i like...its unique in a sense that the top pic
of the skin can change to yr liking by clicking the O
and X on the right of the blog...but one flaw in the
skin iz bcoz of the small fonts...which iz very tiny
in fact...make it difficult to see...the entries...
which are aldy in normal size not tiny, if
i put tiny - it'll be tiny-er... - lame...
took along time to adjust here and there...coz wuz
a bit difficult to change the in the font
wuz very oddly done...big and small...through all
the trial and error...magnificento blogskin iz done..

kay today...i skipped my chemistry extra class..coz
i wuz too tired to go been doing my moral project
and that dumb PEKA but will go on see
her... no study - of course...well, there iz a
speculation that someone says that itz fanny but
i wont say anything but fr u ppl to wait and see...
promised myself not to fall in love....and hope i
would b able to do it...

and i dun care who da hell iz "Shaun-fan" who
anonymously have been tagging my board..saying
things that i would neva accept... esp frm a FAN!
i dun see superstars in love with their, i
dont see y shud i...not being show-off but itz the
truth wad... i aldy like someone...and thats neva
gonna change...checked the IP of the person and
it originates frm someone in obvious..
and if i hav de technology - i'll track till yr house!

well, SPM/O level results hav aldy been released
last monday...*edited due to dispute*however,
worry less bout them and worry more bout the
coming SPM fr all form 5s'...which really scares

today als, went fr dinner at a chinese restaurant
to celebrate my mum's birthday....the food was
fantastic again - i muz say.... and my parents
ordered a few nice dishes...and the total cost...
a bomb again... this iz a real atomic bomb...
RM*8* juz fr my family... ah itz mainly that big
fish & the fin soup that cost a lot...well, itz
worth it birthday was only to eat at
Kim G Rest. swt!..neway, my present wuz to hav
lunch with my mother anywhere in KL this Sat.
paid by me..^_^ but budget 200 max la... to meet Cassandra and the gang in
the morning to KL -- around KLCC somewhere...
well, meeting Ms Lim too..and to also pass them
the newspaper article on de exchange programme
..hav lunch with them possibly...and walk around
and hang out on the same time...too
the other three cant go...however - dun care i'll
have all the fun with they all but nt them...huh!

blog ltr...