Enjoyed myself fr these two days..weds and thurs..
the need to worry about anything...hahah.
kay left on de
Wednesday morning to my mum's
office so that she cud
drop me at KLCC then go
Times Sq to meet Cass and da
gang...so by 11.30
a.m left fr KL - got heavy traffic though
on the r
oads...and the singaporeans are stil at FRIM when

I wuz on my way....so, reached KLCC and walked
while waiting fr Ms. Lim to SMS me when
they reach..and
went to Kinokuniya as my mum
needed to go there first

Waiting and waiting... till it wuz lunch time...went
fr lunch
around 1 p.m with my mum since they all
havent reach yt
went to Little Penang to eat...and
by 1.30 p.m they SMS
that they reach ed...and i'm
stuck there having lunch..
so, aftr lunch i quickly
rushed there...DUMB thing iz that..
i couldn't get a
cab and had to take LRT and transfer to
and i reach about around 2 p.m + .and if it
b'coz of unavailability of caBs around i wouldn't be

late to reach...as it only takes around 5 minutes
frm KLCC
to Times Sq...gRr... couldn't find 'qian
jin bai fen bai' box set at
Tower Records !
i wuz searching fer that...

Reach ed and am SO GLAD to see all of them~!!!!
first met Ms. Lim and Ms. Sae [the bio teacher]
and some
other teachers...didnt get to see all the
students coz they
scattered around the shopping
malll...so, went with Elgin
and Cass and another
guy around the mall coz they only
hav like less
than 45 mins to go around... then later on
went missing however....went with the others to
Cosmo theme park - one of the largest indoor
theme park
sadly - 45 minutes was freakin fast -
wooosh...its time fr
them to gather to leave fr
Singapore...so, gathered at the
main entrance
while waiting fr the others...chatted alot
evryone i noE..includ Marie and the gang of 4H as
well as those frm 4I - Delia, Minda and JEANIE!!!
heard frm her fr so long...only saw her the
first day when
i was in Sg and she didnt come to
sch aftr that coz she sick

could remembr the faces indeed - juz the names
of a few
ppl that i couldnt remembr...ltr, took few
piCs with some of
them frm 4H - the class i was
in fr the exchange prog to
Sg last year - such a
short time...didnt really chatted fully
with all of
them.*regrets..not everyday they're in KL rite?

didnt see quite a few ppl that i met last yr..on
this geo trip
though...they never opt fr
attending the trip here...
sad...well, hope to get
to see them again...all good things do
come to
an end...followed them till they board onto the
- could hav hopped on the bus if i had
brought my passport
along...xD and some even
suggested that i hopped on and
they drop me
at the Johor Bahru-Singapore border...swtz!

well, it wuZ definitely worth my effort going
SO FAR down
to KL juz to meet them be4 they
leave...too bad the other 3
ppl werent there..
however, will always visit their blogs see
current affairs going on over there...=) & also 2
keep in touch la... if any of u ppl coming
down to KL again :::::

--> do give ME a call!!! kayZ!!! and also will
write to some
of ya...over the causeway...

*will update tomorrow on thurs. activity a lil'
later coz on
Friday - off to ice-skating in da
morning - finally...xD

-it ends here-