this iz da piC that i took at Times Sq with my
buddies frm 4H...
Frm left :: Jin Man, unknown, mE, Elgin, Clara
and Marie...

yay! it wuz so fun get 2 meet up again aftr a few
months..since august '05 last met.nearly couldn't
remembr jin man's name...there's a pic with
Ms. Lim in it too but she didnt send me that wan
& dunno where Cass and the gang go off
didnt take piC wif her...and thanx to Jason Ging
fr takin' the pic fr us...kinda' last minute photo

well they didnt change that much since last time
i saw all of them...all da talking and joking...
brings back de memories...i still hav the card
they gave me..with all their signatures & wishes
thanx to Jac mainly..but too bad didnt see her
this time..and the Peicai T-shirt..itz still here =)

'bout last thursday... went fr chemistry class in
da morning...was blur of what teacher taught
coz i didnt go the tues. class and missed a lot..
oh well, they did an experiment and we need to
do a report on the experiment to b handed in...
- great~...nvm i'll borrow luok hoon's bk next wk
aftr the class ended...think YiNky they all went
to 1U or was it Mobil...? anyway, i went there
with Devi & met up with luok hoon..had brunch
at McD...breakfast set...and chatted all the way
aftr that, walk around 1U - old and new wing fr
many-many times...till got bored of it...
oh well, GSC was full of ppl that we had to go
TGV fr movie...seems that they reduced their tiC
price and only paid RM7 fr it...and we watched...
Shaggy Dog...the movie onli started at 3, so had
to walk around first...saw that Beng Kang...there
without his least~ & singaporeans shud go
fr another movie marathon! since the tiCs here are
so cheap a tiC bought in Sg can see 2 movies in
Malaysia - the movie wuz so fuNny! 4/5 rating...
must-see movie. well, movie was till 5.10 p.m --
so, we quickly buzz off and back home...crap! it
wuz rainin' so had to wait a lil' while fr someone
to get me....

Friday iz here.left in da morning fr Sunway Pyrmd
icE-skatiNg!!!! HuHu...!! had a great time skating
round and round till it started to hav more and
more ppl!!! so freakin' crowded...till ppl hav to
wait to get their skates coz no more! first time i
hear that skates are not available...xD
well, skated with my cousins and sis...until legs
were real sore...but not as bad as last time...
so, skated till 5 p.m and got out frm there to eat
KFC...then shop around..went to Living Cabin too
buy some stuff and went look at the arcade...
so tempted to play Daytona and Time-Crisis III
shud get Minda to come and play too...xD
but no time...had to head back home be4 it jams
real badly on da a cab and zoom
off and head home...ah well, ltr on went out fr
dinner nearby and came back quickly coz it wuz
raining heavily...and here i am to blog...

gah... holidays are ending ed !!!!!! and i wuz juz
starting to hav fun...jkjk...i still need to bind my
Moral project tomorrow?...which iz so last minute

gtg ed...ltR ppL...
*dunno why but i feel like changing my blogskin
again...shall see any other skin that i like...