yupZ....me again... =D juz finished watching
qian jin bai fen bai...going to conclude soon....
oh - what to talk about..i skipped badminton CCA
today...without a reasonable reason not to go...it
started raining cats and dogs juz now..well, prob
i'll go the following week? my exam results really
horrible this time...chemistry the worst...got it
back today...gone through it...and totally hate it..
heard that alot of ppl failed biology too..solution?
STUDY HARDER !!!!!!!!!! + SMARTER - oNly way...

this time... dun hav to hear that biatch bragging
'bout her marks in English / E.S.T anymore coz..
she didnt get as high...[she told me-she gt A2] &
surprisingly i got almost da same as Meng Yean's
and E.S.T- wasnt really satisfied coz that teacher
dont know how to mark the paper...and she DARE
to tell the class tt she didnt volunteer to mark the
EST paper be4 in the real examination - O Level
a.k.a SPM.therefore.she said she doesnt know wht
iz the marking scheme like fr the directed writing..
wth....what type of teacher is she????????
anyway,no one failed EST except 2 ppl frm 5 Ama
why bother to think of it...

as far as i noE...i dun tell ppl what i got and also i
dun go asking what other ppl's got...fr their exam..
except fr close friends.... as i've been approached
by ppl like Anisha - so dying to know minE...
i noE la her chemistry got A2..or even english/EST
>even if mine's higher than theirs - i dun go round
asking / showing my paper to other ppl...
at the very least, some ppl tell me theirs first -
then i shall think whether to tell them mine too...
which iz rather a more "appropriate" way...

noW- i really LOOK DOWN on ppl like Anisha that
ask results juz to compare...and brag around...
itz not only her though...there are some other ppl
who's juz like her...and i'd really want to tell them
--> UR SUCH A DOOFUS !!! - right in their faces...

2day too...gt the new timetable schedule... they
changed a lot too this time... 3 most 'gRr] subjs
biology, chemistry + physics on the freakin same
day - thurs. hw terrifying iz that...& did i mention
that the physics lab iz decorated wif black curtains
which scares everyone - feels like we're entering fr
a funeral! soo...freakin gloomy and dark too...

now... aldy packed with A Maths, history h/w
guess i'll do it now...and finish it
ltr ppl...