great week..or rather a so-so week..still can't get
over the chemistry and moral... horribly... biology
first time i've failed... real upset.. that i feel like
jumping off the 3rd floor in school...& land in the
fish pond... my lowest was only 50 over fr bio last
year...and this really dropped...

well, Mdm Lim wasnt angry surprisingly..this time
since she say more than half least, she
did encourage us to do better..while telling us her
experiences as a bio teacher... well, she's one of
the best teachers..I cant even believe tt she said
it wuz a "joy" teaching us even with mediocre
results in exam... a few of us went - aWw...!!
unlike chemistry teacher - who didnt bother to say
anything aftr going through the though
she don't bother...
Moral- i wuz throughly dissappointed..i lose marks
juz because of the answer not written in full...
every sentence i start begins with a value...and it
ended up wrong coz it supposedly shud start with
a freakin' FULL sentence... at least the value iz
correct... gonna blast that Ms. Shirlena home....

as u ppl are reading blog has a password
in order to gain access due to some idiot named...
shaun-fan... who has gone over da limits...
prob i will put the password temporarily only juz to
get rid of that person... too bad HT's blog iz being
hounded by a person named Him... cursing her or
something... sounds like a hate-mail or some sort..

this weekend iz so gonna b boring...heLp!!!!
sunday hav to wake up so EARLY to go and pray...
guess u ppl noE whats the festival..rite?
i've been going every year and dislike it coz hav to
go through the long journey and itz tiring...

blog again ltr... to relieve the frustration...

-eNd heRe-