as the title above sayz... here's my point of view
of this hatred subject that i failed to get pass

"orang yang tidak bermoral skor dalam pend. Moral"
[students who aren't morally inclined score the

Moral subject]

where being a good boy does not necessarily mean
that you'll get an A whereas getting an A doesn't
mean that you were a good boy...
well, its now known as Pengetahuan Moral or Moral
Knowledge..aimed to testing memory skills instead
of educating to be a good, morally upright citizen..

Classes as normal
and dull spending hours memori-
zing the value - 36 values divided into 7 categories
in addition with its fixed definition [word for word]
which is vital for getting marks in an exam - also
by substitution of its definition with another of the
same meaning :: gives 0 mark even if synonymous

worst of all... the examination itself... the agony
needed to memorize, splitting headaches & lapses
in memory to answer the questions...
This concludes that the minds of students and
teachers arent wired the same way...It produces
memorizers instead of independent,critical thinkers
out of students. Leads to just follow, just toe the
line only to be rewarded...

Well, its unfair and unjustified to say that Moral is
a total useless subject... we still do learn right?
using the values & expanding vocabulary in Malay
and more solid foundation for writing Malay essays

Until then, just have to make the best out of it
in the exams... whether you like it or not...
how i wished i do not need to take that subject..=)