am in school now... gaining access to the internet
without permission but teacher dun care anyway...
but darn thing iuz cant access 2 messenger coz da
ministry blocked access to it...
so quite boring juz surf da internet.. friendster..
blogs... and here blogging...and itz raining outside
which leaves me to go tuition straight or go home
and possibly be tuition...
am here in da lab also bcoz of ICT club CCA...doing
nothing... but to juz type stuff and thats all the
ppl do here all day long... how boring it can get...
i cant even hear the blog songs or chat on chat box
[tag-board still can use except]
cant hear music except on windows media...and
my MP3 that i brought along too...

well, school.. boring as's weather
wuz a bit gloomy and it rained a while juz in time
fr recess - duty as usual at the canteen this time...
then physics and later boring English fr Science and
Technology period talking about bio-diversity
earlier on wuz E Math... teacher wuz so relaxed...
teach then juz sit down and said that we'll
understand aftr doing the ques. the topic wuz quite
simple - Matrix... and she said our class iz the only
class that she can take things easier? i suppose..

aM still down with a flu since yesterday... g0sh!
till got no mood to study in class... not to mention
the cups of coffee i had not onli that morning... coz
didnt hav enough sleep... had controlled though and
i dun drink all the time...

kay... blog again later... they gonna shut the lab more later...