I'M baCk....

havent been blogging - which make me think that
i'm the most frequent blogger now coz hui ting's
blog seem to shutted down unexpectedly...
this week blogged twice ? or is it three times ed?
possibly too free ed...
YiNky's also very free ed...blogged with photos of
the 2nd round of debate which they lost to SMK
Seafield... nvm try again - er? whenever la...

school these days have been kinda boring though
seems that nothing extraordinary iz happening..
well, at least something shud happen rite? it felt
like reach sch study - afternoon go back, do h/w
rest...and others then sleep and it goes over and
over again...

not to mention the amount of h/w flooding in....
most frequent h/w are :: A Math , E Math, History,
i think so... coz i somehow seem to do a lot of
Math recently.... and only E Math took sometimes
only half an hour to finish....A Math longer...
i also havent finished Chemistry and Physics Exp.
Report.... despite the fact itz the marks fr Paper 4
SPM/ O Levels.. well, teacher also asked all to sign
the confirmation form fr registration of the SPM '06

i also asked teacher whther we can drop subjects...
she said can...but be4 i cud say...she said that if
i drop all three pure bio, phy and chem... i hav to
take Core Science [taken by Art students] think itz
like combined science... and she said that i cant
drop Moral too as itz a core subject... darN it !!!!!

so, if i were to drop - it would certainly make my
life easier... so that i can concentrate on the main
subj like A Math and other core subjects... so,
10 subj - 3 subj = 7 subj to sit... minus the burden

today shocked me too...suddenly forgottened how
to do the A Math :: Pengamiran [Integration]
so, was like blur.... then started doing then only
remembered - got a short term memory loss...then
teacher teach 'bout sumation of area all those...

aftr that, went to AV room to see Princess Li Po
on CD... almost going to doze off... kinda boring
coz it wuz something like history show that sort of
thing... that princess going to Malacca to marry the
Sultan of Malacca...well, all those were part of the
Malay Literature Component... sounds like story
telling session... and a bit of history element...

the sch has also a new forum :::

kay think thats all fr now...blog again ltr...
gtg sleep - going fr the Book Fair tomorrw...