i'M back... finally coz havent been blogging fr the
past few days and very unlikely fr me not to blog...
however this week iz kinda busy i must say - fr me
i dunno 'bout anyone else...everyone has their own
lives, right? and yes, the major thing that has kept
me busy iz homeworks... well, it definitely has
served it's purpose to keep us occupied... it has
been flooding in on and on.. history, math and that
experiment reports for Chemistry and Physics...
well, it had been dragged fr a very long time aldy...
and yes, will do it soon...! have lots of things that
i've put on hold... and itz accumulating...
1. Cass reply letter... still unsent...
2. Moral project [deadline iz June & they wan NOW]
3. most importantly = unfinished h/w

now iz April and we are left with few weeks more to
mid-year exaM... teacher hav mentioned that all the
time.. and stress levels are building up and i feel
the tension... only mE... ah - 1 more thing hehe =)

i find that i tend to doze off in class - yupZ...
naughty mE...xD especially History, EST and fr the
first time - Malay!!!...i dunno why izzit coz nt
enough sleep? - maybe... izzit boring? - 80% yeS!
but somehow i wouldnt do tht during A Math/E Math
chemistry/physics/biology lessons...
reason = unknown...
well..made a change too this week..i like Chemistry
yea!! i finally understand what teachers' teaching
although i didnt before.. all those Alkenes / Alkynes
i enjoy that topic instead of the topic on salt..i dun
noE wad the heck wuz going on with that...
i do understand most of it - all the structure of the
chemical and others although luok hoon seem to b
stil very blur on tht topic... in sch and tuition... swt

kay blogged enough fr now
ltr ppl...