i'M back !!!..to blog as my last entry was on 6th
April... 5 days ago... that's so long.. sorry if u ppl
come back here seeing the same post again...
anyway, school wuz extremeLy boriNg !!! 2 d max
well, despite a lot of form 5s' student went to
Genting for some sort of holiday trip... mostly ppl
from 5 Amanah...

well, the day was kinda alright..nothing much...
coz no assembly that morning and biology teacher
didnt come coz she injured frm a snatch thief
incident outside her house... poor thing...

so, we had to spend 3 periods with a boring mood
but had some work to finish - anyway... and then
the "leftovers" from 5 Amanah combined with my
class - 5 Adil.. coz principal says so.. & they were
so freakin' noisy esp frm Aaron and the gang..and
the girls were also juz as noisy during Chemistry
laughing here and there... my class has always
been quiet...and also know when to make noise &
when not to... so, in the lab... 5 Adil sit one side
and 5 Amanah sit the other side... settles it..

later on was english... & i had my oral then with
Abu and Grace.. a bit messed up though... but
still got full marks... well, teacher said in the cert
they take the highest among the 3 evaluations...
teacher also asked me to b emcee fr da launching
of co-curricular month...this thursday...
well, had to juz do it la... and the competition fr
some campaign poster teacher ask to join... but
not quite interested in that....
then math did some exercise from the workbook
coz a few ppl not around so...teacher say juz do
the exercise on matrix... she'll teach a new topic
next lesson...

thats fr now...
tomorrw's a holiday !!!

next entry bout today...