I really need to go on a vacation !!!!!

yeah.. since those group of ppl get 2 go Genting
and Hui Ting iz leavin fr Tokyo tomorrw night...
fr her holiday to0... noW's my turN...
I wanna go Singapore... sEriouS!!!!

today was a fine day when my mum was in a good
mood..so, asked her while on the way 2 my tuition
whether can go Singapore this Sunday fr a BBQ
party in East Coast.... also coz jocelyn's burFday
she said "YES!!!!" but on my own expenditure...
well, am always prepared to spend... juz with a
limit... itz juz a party and i find it difficult to go
coz i dun even noE the place... no MRT...swtz!

hell... i hav to stay over dere... but to think of it
where am i gonna lodge when my arrival iz 2 dayz
away... cant even book a place!
going there iz really no prob actually... juz how
to get back. & place 2 lodge... any iDeas ppl ?????
so, if i'm going then will b skipping sch on Monday
as i will onli b able to get back to KL on tt day...


guess i'll juz bang my way through....
well, if can mayb can take a flight back to KL if
i'm lucky...

well, this iz a short entry... and stop it ppl bout
the genting trip thing... and Jun Dee- the jedi
and YX... the main highlight of the trip...YX seem
to b so desperate...like desperate housewives

-continues on my A Math work...xD-