kay... i'M back to blog again...
today - i'm not gonna blog about some disturbing
issue..not really disturbing though.. juz that -not
in da mood to say anything 'bout school stuff...

right... the title above... this movie iz considered
one of the best movies i've seen although it's sort
of a lovey-dovey kind of thing but i find it full of
inspiration... sacrifices and all... MORAL values!
= A Walk To Remember...

here's the poster :::

so yeah... here's the poster
guess some of u ppl might hav
seen it or hav not seen it...

as i've said its some sort of
a love story... gotta admit...
when i first saw this movie -
it had an impact on me... it
somehow changed my
perception on the "love" topic

well. i've seen this movie
several time aldy.. on Astro
and others... quite an old
movie as it was released in
year 2002... as i know- only
a handful of ppl watched this
show before...

but really this iz a highly recommended movie...but unless
you're the sensitive type and you'll end up crying a river...

here's a synopsis of it ::
The movie revolves around the lives of two opposite Beaufort
High School teenagers: the daughter of a Baptist minister,
Jamie Sullivan (Mandy Moore) and a jaded, aimless high
school senior, Landon Carter (Shane West).

When a prank on a fellow high-school student goes bad,
Landon is punished by having to participate in various after-
school activities, such as tutoring to younger disadvantaged
children at their sister school and acting in the drama club's
final production, the spring play. At these functions he is
forced to interact with Jamie Sullivan, but does not befriend
her immediately.
When Landon realizes that he needs help learning his lines
for the production, he asks Jamie to assist him. She agrees
to help him if he promised not to fall in love with her which
he responds by saying, "that won't be a problem." At school,
however, Landon continues to look down upon Jamie and
even mock her along with his closest colleagues.

Eventually, Landon is intrigued by Jamie's positive attitude,
forgiving nature, and overwhelming faith. Landon falls in
love with Jamie even though she had previously told him not
to. The two begin dating, which threatens Landon's reputation
and friendships with other students. He defends Jamie on
various occasions and decides to end connections with his
previous clique.

Jamie finally tells Landon that she has terminal leukemia
and has stopped responding to treatments. As Jamie is
hospitalized, Landon fulfills various wishes on Jamie's
"Before I Die" list. Through this process, Landon and Jamie
learn more about nature and love. The movie ends with
Jamie's death, but only after the couple were married in the
same chapel as Jamie's deceased mother, which topped
Jamie's wish list.


All in all... this movie is full of inspirations...
some are touching... some are thought-provoking...
and also that = Life is just...
too bad i cant do this for the Moral Movie Project
coz its not a family themed movie...

*the soundtrack fr this movie is also not bad...theme
song is playing on my blog temporary playlist..*

tagline = "It all comes down to who's by your side"

blog again later...=)