i'M baCk !!!!!
havent been blogging fr the past 10 friggin' days =O [or more]
i would normally update actually - at the very least during
weekend...well, itz a long holiday so went out of town - away
from KL - definitely!...so didnt blog or online that time..=]
wasnt in the mood 2 online & i will actually leave the comp
unattended and head off to study...

thanx to Delia fr reminding mE to blog or else i could but very
unlikely forget to blog... yeah! itz her "job" to remind ppl to
update!!!! =D well, you certainly made Mr. Lung-less to blog
anyway... nothing's up NOW but next week iz a full-time thing


yeaH...exam starts next week 10th May to b exact starting
off with Malay and English paper 2s'... thats very BAD...
aint coming on tues coz itz only other languages paper...
pointless coming to sch and do nothing...

well, i've already started on [disliked by me subj] History...
did revision on Form 4 text - read all over again...and did
some exercise... hope it helps.. i'm not so keen on learning
about the civilization on Islam but had to0... and i hate it..
others revised are Maths, Chemistry...and a bit on A Math...

exam lasts fr 3 weeks till holiday comes... thats very long..
shud b studying now but had to update this blog...
neway, itz onli once..tomorrw cant coz gt chemistry tuition
and also physics... had already missed alot on physics
since teacher wasnt here fr the whole of last week...
AND the timetable changed AGAIN!!!! - how many times
muz they change... gRr.. and also hav the same A Math
period with the other class... what else iz new...

asked Meng Yean today 'bout her tuition and juz ask
whether she really take tuition 24x7.. well, she's obviously
pissed...Hui Ting & Jean were laughing away...+ she does
know who said that to0... xD -- well, she said go tuition means
that no life wan meh... truE! like HT always say - chao turtle..=P
fr me thats really.. shen jing ping... of course go tuition fr
knowledge la... if not then play ah...izzit?

well, wait fr my my next entry till i get any inspirational
stuff to blog about... but like nothing new leh...
neway, Mother's Day iz coming and as always - i hav
something... good =)