nicE weekend to start revision... fr exam next wednesday
but most importantly physics paper 2 coming thursday...
and Malay paper 1 & 2... start off with Form 4 topics and
flashback on all the Malay poems and novel... not my fav.

kay, last Friday... went for the interview thing fr Star
Newspaper report on Teacher's Day SMS wishes... had it
at Hui Ting's house... kinda impromptu as the reporter
called me to get a few students fr the interview...and
wanted to hav it on that day itself...deadline : sat
publishing it on sunday... so, had talked about teachers
and all... but i really DON'T hav any favourite teachers..
does every student hav one??? i used to hav but lately
i dont feel any teacher iz a favourite to me... caused by
many factors i suppose... i find teachers nowadays are
not friendly enough [although WYC is "quite" nicE]...

to a personal extent, mainly they arent passionate into
what they are teaching... e.g : Mdm. Lim - biology teacher...
reason why she's one of the many teachers : she's the
better ones.. not giving up on us juz like that... giving
motivation... knowing our ability to excel better...
current A Math teacher- Mdm. Raiha... although her
teaching iz alright... she also has faith in every student
in my class...that we'll do well whether we're good at
her subj or the main exam...

unlike other teachers like Mdm. Tan - ex-Add Math teacher
taught me last year but stil teaching the next class...
what i dislike bout her iz giving up - not even dislike
itz HATE... every single time asking students to go back
and get a mirror looking at it - asking ourselves whther we
hav the ability to do A Math... ham ka chan
if she doesn't like to teach then i suggest she juz - get lost
or go to hell..chao turtle! everyone says Mdm. Tan iz the
best A Math wad if she's acting like an ass...
not onli me agreeing though.. even Devi and Anisha agrees...
nw she supposedly got sick and took leave fr 2 months..i dun
even give a damn if she's still alive -- anyway...screw her...

all i did fr Saturday was mainly study and study...not the
whole day... juz after lunch and after dinner...normally i'd
read a book? or get some rest that time...since mid-yr exam
is also very important, so better start off... did some ques.
on Malay Literature - part of tuition h/w..and read novel
reference frm last year's as well as this year's Malay Lit
component... did some Math & physics exercise work...

sunday... =) out fr lunch at pizza hut...then went to Curve
and Ikano...walkiE-walkie... and aM back to type this entry
& aftr this entry, back to physics... then ltr tonight - out fr
a movie with my family..watching MI:3 [Mission impossible]
at GSC..coz dad wanted to watch anyway...why not?

ah... there will b a prom anyway bt unlikely fr me to attend
it anyway... its students organizing the prom... nothing
wrong but prom iz like not my kind of thing aldy...i'd rather
go somewhere far away or mayb down south to meet-up
with the others...=D and itz May aldy... chances to gettin
a hotel fr yr function iz slim... and the money fr deposit
not an easy thing fr sure... alternative :: class dinner...xD

*back to study...

blog next timE... btw, lots of ppl didnt notice "the moment"
how sad... or didnt all...
and the report bout Teachers Day SMS in Star Newspaper...
go read it and be shocked... mayb a lil dissappointed...
i'M cool 'bout it...