i'M back to blog...
sch wuz boring as usual... attendence - 17 out of 20
some took their own holidays supposedly to study fr
coming exam...math teacher not in but gave us work
where in the world did she go? well, chemistry went
on alright... and for the first time... Mdm Wong Y.C
had blew her top juz when Jean accused her of being
indirectly "stupid" fr giving Standard 5 english exercise

not trying to b rude but honestly we're in Form 5...not
some kids trying to learn ABC...she wuz giving us words
to change from verbs into nouns... isnt that old school..
so, teacher went on blabbering 'bout how she had to
lower down her standard to our level...saying that she
can't be talking like a foreigner frm other countries that
speaks perfect english... stressing that she's a Malaysian
i did a part of her work but didnt continue on as itz
"so-called" waste of time..Meng Yean juz went on as she
say that she's a good girl...do everything... Ltr, physics
teacher wasnt here...she's like making it into some sort
of habit already...always not around...

1 more good thing... we have made the headlines again
from today's report on Teacher's Day SMS Campaign...
featured on the main paper of Star Newspaper...8th May
I read it from the library...considered ok as the whole pg
the report had occupied half + piC and below wuz advert
so, I & those chi muis, consisting of Meng Yean, Hui Ting
and Mei Lan were talking 'bout the report... and juz a tad
bit of dissatisfaction...towards the report that came out
because of Ze Wei's essence in the report..and it started
off with his name whilst the others were juz few lines...
particularly the first whole para were about him and
Madam Tai [Yunru] yada yada...
CORR:: Itz a freakin' 4 Paragraphs!

i didnt really feel the pinch though [as in who cares if the
whole report iz about him] as the girls been 'sayin' that when
they point out an opinion then Ze Wei would add some of
his essence onto it like sweet & spices...making the whole
point as his...if i'm not mistaken... it sounds that way...
Meng Yean says that he cant even remembr his fav teacher..
[Madam Tai] name... that she had to 'share' with him the
knowledge of the teacher's name... all in all, if the report
"had" to turn out that way...so be it... well, the reporter wuz
kind enough to SMs me telling bout the report =]

about my previous post... that [disliked by mE] Mdm Tan...
juz so that EVERYONE knows... it iz MY BLOG and MY WAY
OF OPINION tt goes around and keeps the world turning...
to criticize or not only i can decide... nO buggers shud tell
me how to blog... IF u dont like then DONT visit this blog
simple... itz my freedom of speech...try putting yrself into
my position fr that time of period...you are particularly
not me... how the hell would you know how i feel...

1. Don't think that you know me so well...
2. So, accusing me of being wrong will make u sound
....really stupid.
3. Don't act like you can, and attempt to correct others.
4. If thinking twice what i mean is too tedious for your brain,
....I suggest you just shut up...

reply to tag-board. :: I cannot deny that Mdm Raiha isnt
that great in teaching...or as good as Mdm Tan, the great
however, its for mE... to know 'bout it not you...and thats
another obvious reason for you to shut up... 5 Amanah ppl
talks too much thats why...

disclaimer ::
if anybody thinks that the above is insulting to the themselves,
i'm terribly sorry but itz only meant fr that particular person
who simply shoots offensive comments without knowing the
actual situation...