i'M back to blog...
exam week... and itz gonna continue for the next two weeks
with tougher subjects...now starting with all the language subj
physics paper 2 went along kinda ok? although i did take extra
time to finish it off...wonder if teacher iz able to read my writing
as itz quite messy coz in a rush to finish it...and also gt
missing info in the questions... how to calculate when there's
no figures or any other sort of thing to count...so, left it behind
as the teacher who set the ques was away...considered bonus??
but somehow i felt i didnt perform well enough in paper 2...
next- to score in the physics paper 1&3... hopefully...

tomorrw...iz a public holiday as itz Wesak Day and prob will
hav to go and pray..and hav an extra day to be ready fr E Math
paper 2 and A Math paper 1 this coming Monday...
this iz real strange...fr the first time i felt more confident doing
the Malay paper although it cant be totally 'perfect' but felt
better in a way?...seems that next monday hav to go to the
hall fr exams as mayb all Form 5 classes sit in the hall during
exam... supposedly to reduce the need to hav many teachers
and mayb easier to control... as next week, the whole sch will
on a exam season where books will be glued to students
wherever they go...thats a rare scenario...
only available during exam season...

has anyone watched Return of Condor Heroes[Shen Diao Xia Lu] ?
itz nice to watch... although there are many versions of it..i only
watched once years ago...think i wuz primary...but now they
have another version nicer than before...as it was more natural
not too much of taiwanese accent but more to China type...
its produced in China anyway...

one more improvement i had made to this blog...
i removed the tag-board and replaced it with my online pEt...xD
well, i've always wanted to remove the tag-board and i've done it

as there was a NEW controversy created by this Knob Mushroom
who began shooting comments...after the issue has been settled
with long ago... this chao turtle iz so OUTDATED that they have
to bring up the issue again...not everything is about you...as i've
said before DON'T you SIAO DING DONGS teach mE how to blog
if you're so easily offended...don't visit this blog...i dun even ned
you to increase my blog counts...and whatever was blogged here
iz juz a mere place fr a blogger to air out their thoughts...itz juz
too bad if your own blog iz far too boring and lame to b read...
-- juz as a reminder ::
|| If thinking twice what i mean or what's going on "now" iz too
...tedious for your brain - i suggest u just shut up. ||

*I tend to look onto the bright side...and for me, anger doesnt
last long and it juz fades away...*

lateR ppL...

p/s:: go0d lucKies! to you ppl taking 'O' Level Chinese exam - 20 May?
........and Cass, try ur best! + got yr letter and will reply so0n..