what aM i up to noW.?... nothing coz itz midnight again...
felt like updating which I am - now~!
...delayed post for no
possible reason... let's see the past few days...

Wednesday, the day I didnt go for remedial classes...yeaH! had
Malay tuition at 10... so went for that... and Hui Ting SMSed mE
about the photograph that I was supposed to take... that day..
i think i'm the only one who came for classes that haven't taken
the photograph except those who never come for remedial at all...

neway, after tuition was aldy noon close to 1 o'clock... supposed
to go out with ex-sch mates but I totally forgot that my mum was
on leave that day... so cannot go... not that cannot go... juz that
i'M suppose to be at home and no where else... but anyhow we
went out! =D
Went to the Curve for lunch... at Kim-Gary..didnt go for two weeks
aldy... + the 15% voucher ends that day... so, might as well go
there to eat... later, went walking around Curve and to the new
complex next to Curve was Cathay Cineleisure
juz opposite... still
very new.. think juz open days ago... shall go for a moviee there
one fine day... =)

now Thursday, went for remedial class for chemistry and A Maths..
so, i purposely come late... i think its abit too late...coz 8.30 onli
I arrived... so went to the lab... 2 classes combine into 1 then
they all started checking the exam papers - paper 3 first... gaH!
yet i scored moderately a 40 - paper total 50 marks if it weren't fr
some answers that was not entirely precise...minus here & there...
there's onli 1 ques that i got 0 which was table of the standard
electrode potential..graphic details...without putting the whatsoever
electrolyte solution name...iz a (-1) mark..can't wait to laugh mylungs
out at Jean coz she failed *eBiL laugHs...it muz be tht paper 2 i didnt
do quite well... much tougher than the paper 3...but i still passed...
as usual, Anusha the so-called chem-whiz was upset again coz she
got 1 mark lower than the top student.. that's SAD! (very sad, indeed)

break time went to Mobil to get something together with luok hoon
& Devi... then came back at 10 o'clock for A Math... teacher was late
again it seems but brought a new student - her daughter to class...
so, did exercises on differentiation... last part of it.. the delta part
after class suppose to take photograph but this Hui Ting dunno run
where aldy... neway, hang out in sch for a while then went back to
change before going out...
went out to Mid-Valley with my ice-skating buds...wonder why we'd
actually gone to Mid-Valley instead of pyramid...i hav no idea... its
their suggestion.. neway, had lunch with them and went for a movie
Benchwarmers... 'bout the group of nerds trying to form a baseball
team... show quite ok...not too bad... after the show headed back
home was almost 6.30 aldy...got back then went out for dinner at
super tanker then came back doing nothing but online...
no photos [hahah!] coz the cam iz stil kept in the box till i feel
i want to use it later - one fine day...

what's up for Friday??? i dun hav any plans for that day...
so i'll juz stay in and do whatever.. finish the pile of work
that are still incomplete...
Dad's birthday is on saturday.. i'm still thinking what to do eh...
and its also the King's birthday... what a coincidence... xD
*stil thinking,....

so fast a week has ended... aldy friday... should make my
holidays more meaningful = studying!..and enough of going out..
SPM iz very near aldy... months away...

blog latEr...