baCk to bloggg... itz the 6-6-06 ! delia says itz devils num...xD

sorry for the non-updating of the blog for da past few days...
juz dun hav the energy to blog? neway, piCs will b up tomorrw??
yupZ...i've been bringing the caM everywhere... snapping here
and there... =] every since last Saturday... till no batt. xD
neway, nothing really significant happening... its however the
last week of holidays... next wk back to sch... i'M stil not quite
satisfied with the holidays though... we shud hav 4 weeks of
holidays instead like the SG students... although they stil go
back to sch... i'd rather hav longer holidays... =)

did lots of things for Dad's birthday on Saturday and went out
for dinner and stuff... celebrated from Sat till Sun... didnt hav a
birthday cake coz my sis wasnt around but they'll b back 2moro
think i will get one soon... well, places first... wanted to go fr
dinner at Sh0gun Rest. [a japanese buffet rest] BUT there were
like tooooonnss of ppl queuing up juz to get in there~!
so, instead went to Chili's Grill and Bar Restaurant... got the ppl
there to sing a birthday s0ng for Dad... after that, decided to go
for dessert at Bakerzin on the 1st floor... had the finest & niceSt
cakes ever... & darn it ! apple strudle was sold out... but had a
coffee cheese cake...and other cakes and drinks..& i paid the bill
not super-duper expensive... but kinda "ok"... well, u cant expect
it to cost only 30 dollars, rite??

anyway, more to come... ltr... when i get the piCs...uploaded...
not much interesting photos though...coz i "juz" started taking piC
& lots of restrictions of photo-taking..for example :: at Bakerzin
+ other silly photo taking stuff... like my fav. - original Nike tee...

despite the abnormal numbers of visitor to this blog has been
increasing greatly... total visitors to-date is 1,850 and daily
numbers are flunctuating at a rate of 22 unique visitors... so,
the visitor graph iz kinda different already...a histogram =]
today juz received Cass's letter... so fast she reply back to me
while i take ages to reply... she well on a looonnngg holiday...
surprised she said that Su Moo Moo cried? and their prom iz in a
country club??? hahaha!!!.. btw, what a weird name fr a teacher...
xD... delia iz that truE? & Nat has a HUGE appetite as described
by her?...finally she did update her blog..aftr asking her...

talking about blogs... seriously i wonder what happen to ppls
blogs around the Form 5 community... they like non-updating the
blogs for like ages mayb not ages but not frequent... from all i
read only MustardQ's blog that i find a 'readable' item
that doesnt
bore me much..*so-called praising her blog* other than that would
b YiNky's blog but updates extremely slowly... coz everytime i click
on her link...its always the same entry over & over again
*mind you, i visit ppl's blog few times almost daily*
but its true that if a person doesnt update... the site will be some
sort of like blacklisted kind of thing... so, ppl wont go and read...
for mE, i dun go read ppl's blog that dun update fr veri long time
and blogs that are boring & hav short entries - unfortunately...haha!
but unlikely to happen la...

so had to resort to other blogs... for my viewing SG
blogs... Delia's would b the 'hub' coz all the links are there...and
frm there to Jeanie's blog and others [mostly Sec 4s] and if that iz
not would b to others like smashpOp, xiaxue... so and so

if i STILL get boreD then it would b games at Yaho0! or others like
i'm currently playing - KoL [Kingdom Of Loathing] online game...
which i had mentioned before...

blogged enough for now...
wait fr tomorrw's piCs...if i upload in time
- latErs....