here's a quiz that was asked by Delia to answer... reason? dunno...
newayy... this originated by Nat.. so he's the cause of all this...

3 names you go by:
- ShauN
- cataLyst [niCk]
- I.Am.Me [new one]

3 parts of your heritage:
- Chinese
- Hakka
- Hokkien

3 of your everyday essentials:
- Music
- Water
- Books...

3 things you're wearing now:
- a simpLe tee
- short pantz
- glasses...=)

3 of your favourite bands or musical artiste at the moment:
- F.I.R
- Nickleback
- Kelly Clarkson

3 things you want in a relationship other than love:
- unconditional love
- trust
- fun-loving... not those boring ppl...

3 truths and 2 lies:
- I love to sleep...
- I procrastinate
- I enjoy myself to0 much...
- I'm mugging HARD for SPM [o lvl]
- I feel like slapping every single person i dislike...

3 physical things about the opposite sex that appeals to you
- lo0ks?
- height? not too short or tall...
- eyes... not the goldfish kinda eyes...

3 of your favourite hobbies:
- hearin' music
- sleeping....
- do whatever i can to fill time...

3 things you badly want right now:
- a new PC!!!
- life to b more meaningful not stressful kind... [hell! u live life once!]
- to do better academically...which iz not very satisfying now...

3 places you wanna go on a vacation:
- Tokyo? [sounds FUN~!]
- Egypt [pyramids...mummies...*wEEeee*]
- New Zealand [i noE there's nothing there but cows]
[haven't been there wad...]

3 things you wanna try doing:
- skydiving...
- being psychic...see da future...
- mug! not juz "say" mug but "really?" muG!!!!

3 people i would like to see take this test:
- YiNky [i doubt that she'll do it]
- MustardQ [i doubt it to0 till she gets her comp workin]
- whoeverrrrr... iz here [readin' this]


kayZ... i'M done...happy? yeaH...=] *wEEEeee*