Me.I.Am...~ nvM that ... here blogging again..

normal sch days as usual kinda dull...everything has been like this is
so boring and that iz boring.yada yada.... the only group "active" nowadays
are mainly my place, the Malay girls and the middle group....others are like
dead or something...

well, on Tuesday to0k a group photo for the sch magazine leavers page
after sch... never ending process of changing positions and the fact that
everyone wants to lo0k grEat!!! so, Hui Ting didnt bring her tripod stand for
her cam..the cam had to sit on the table..and had to put a timer coz there's
no prof. photographer avail. to click the posed from 1.10 p.m till
1.40 pm and having muscle cramps while waiting for everything to be in
good order to snapp less than five piCs in class...
neway, thats besides the p0int... the main thing iz that it turNs out niCely
done..and worthwhile paying for!... juz hope it doesnt lo0k fugly... not to
mention that had to pay extra 2 bucks in addition to the 29 outstanding...
class accountant said she "miscalculated"... meh!

TomorrW's Report Card dAy!!!! *lame-ly* that's so not a celebration mood
more of a terrifying kind of, parents will be at sch tomorrw..and teachers will b spilling out all de mediaocre results to theM...
another scary way, parents will b looking for the subject teachers...
asking this and this..why & why..thE main thing iz my parents sure gonna
ask Shirlena why I failed Moral..."so-called" one of the easiest subject
EVER...and i could fail for that...GREAT!
like i always say: Moral iz not hard, juz stupiD onli...
there will also be a medical check-up at the hall tomorrw... mayb due to
parents having high-blood pressure after witnessing the results... the
school ought to have the check-up anyway...for theM...and us, students
to go for check-up in case got stress buildup...

has anyone heard of High School Musical ???? well got 4 free tiCs for the
premiere this Saturday at Berjaya Times Sq... ThaNx to pOp~

yeaHHH... the tiCs are hEre.... *wEEeeeeeeee* although the place
iz kinda far... but still reachable la... =] using public transport like those
MRT, get there... like how i went to meet the Singaporeans
despite the fact when ppl hear Berjaya Times Sq...first thing they'll think
of that itz - FAR!!!!! as if itz at the Far Away Land or sumthing... sheesh
well, got pOpcorn, drinks and stuff wad...juz hav to get there at 10 a.m
onli and give my name to get tiCs...

the BAD thing iz = I CAN'T GOOOOOOOO...... &(^$%^#@%@#@#
the crappiest weekend i ever had... so many things in one freakin' day...
first got the aerobicthon in, got a Maths seminar and next
iz High School Musical movie premiere... well, for the best of my future
i chose to go for the Maths seminar that i volunteered to the end
itz so tempting to go for the movie premiere... gRR!!!!! yes yes~ the
show will also be shown over Disney channel on hell..why
want to see on TV when you can see on big screen...for FREE... like wht
Meng Yean said [juz wait for another 24 hrs can see aldy...]<-- typicaL..

so, what am i gonna do with da tiCs ??? so wasted if dun go
YiNky wanna go... ? ka huey wanna go ? mustardQ wanna go ?
anyone read this blog wanna go ???
DELLY wanna go?? hahah.. - you're miLes away....=P

bloggg ltr...