back to bloggg...

Saturday was a not-very-nice day... seminar was kinda so-so onli
not that very good wan... but anyway, went for it and came back around
1 p.m... had to miss the movie premiere... *still regret-ing*

got a niCE badge from
smashpOp. the huge one u see oN the front page
the consolation prize - the badge... lol... so the 'banana' got the runner-up
prize while the winner was 'logicyuan'

yea, i noE they hav funny names but who doesnt ?

see~! i'M one of da 5 consolation winneRs!!! juz for da record, YiNky's
cousin - | was also one of da winners...
winner got a banner, a pimp in and a baDge...runner-up
got a banner and a badge... not bad though the prizes... something
like specially designed... good enough eh =D

what else eh? got an Adidas watch today from City Chain...Dad bought
the watch for mE... *wEEeee* my newest item after my digital cam...
cant stop lo0king at it... heh...
later gonna watch High School Musical starting 7.30 p.m on channel 61
- Astro... it seems to be nicE - according to da movie premiere viewers
aM still waiting the next movie premiere~!!! not this show la... some
other shows that hav special movie screening... =]

btw, can u guys hear the music ??? i uploaded a new one coz
iwebmusic seems to be bankrupted... and changed it...

blogg again lateRR...