74. Froggy =]

back to bloggg...

well, last week..submitted a last-minute article for sch magazine
english section...due on 30th June and i started doing it 2 days before
that...managed to finish in time and got my teacher to hand-in straight
to the teacher i-c.. hopefully got more chance to be accepted by them
as I've heard there are some to be rejected...
my title wuz "Rants of a Blogger" where I included some of bloggers
URL in it... for reference.. hopefully they dun remove it after editing.
namely Delia's URL is in too...

this week filled with events going on... this Sat iz Curriculum and
Co-Curriculum Awards for 2006.
.. prefects i.e mE~! and other stuff
like representing state and high achievers will be getting award this
Sat. and rehearsals two times this week... and there are about 160+
getting on that day...and hell, its freakin' long [time taken]
as usual, Malathi iz the one handling the arrangements.. commenting
on every single un-perfectness in some individuals..

other than that, been having marching practice two times aldy...
and another map reading...by the Royal Malaysian Air Force officers...
As cadets... we are obliged to do so and to qualify for the week camping
in some secluded area... where we hav to go through the forest and
other stuff... miss 1 week schooling.. not that i wanted to juz to get
the certificate for full marks in co-curricular activities...
so, not much but to juz drill us in reading maps and marching....
for a fact that i'm not quite good in Geography as i havent studied
that since 2 yrs ago... however went through that anyway...
something like pre-National Service training... xD

tomorrow, gonna do dissecting for Biology lesson tomorrw...got frogs
for it...suppose to dissect a mice but it was too cute to be dissected
and its tiny... so as the frogs - bought it coz i thought dun hav...not
cheap too...as frogs for eating iz more ex than usual...
so i got a tree frog [i think] something like this :: [diff colour]

like that... but mine doesnt hav those big red fingers of his...and mine
is tiny... realllyyyy tiny... and eyes not red... hope can dissect tomorrw
couldnt find cockroaches to dissect... it ran away i think...
even teacher said - she'll dissect whatever we bring la... so, got
amphibians, mammal [mice]... insect ? no... we'll juz observe the frog
three-chamber heart... before that soak in chloroform so they faint...
ltr continue on the "interesting" topic that caught the attention of
many adilianz... the oogenesis and gametogenesis thingi...

froGs hav bIg eyes.. O_O