76. RaNdoM EveNts...

mEh! updating again with nothing much to update about... actually
nothing at all...
nvM.. it's the same-o week that juz went by... all
about mugging hard till SPM...
well, prelims are coming already in
1 month and a half? luckily its not in August
instead & hopefully
they dun change the date...

neway, upcoming events ? none i think except for the Air Force
Cadet Camp which
i may or may not be selected to go... for it -
besides, i'm starting to cherish my last
moments in the final year...
although its stil a long way to
one thing, i "think" i wont miss it at all... i'm too wondering why...
in view whether
i'm very attached to my peers - not so... whether
i'll miss the sch - maybe a lil'
...after all of this, i wont even be
seeing my classmates ect. - except cliques probably
its all
separate ways for all of us unless some ppl choose the same
path la... same
college/course or whatever..

next, i feel like taking this PC to brainwash it... a.k.a reformat..as its
kinda slow
and boils me... not to mention it hangs while i'm using
applications like Java or
other stuff... dunno la got virus or not...and
often has errors..i dun think its the
broadband problem coz its always
fast nevertheless, i shall format it
IF it begins to show its slowpoke-ness
[snail-like] speed... *thinks of switching to
AMD Athlon*

this week, got tiCs to watch Pirates of the Carribean 2 as suggested
smashpOp since it roXX... and finally reserved the tiCs already at
Cineleisure Damansara, next to the Curve... it seems that its the same
concept as the one in Singapore but this
one iz new and only has 1 shop
besides the cineplex that iz Nike. =P

NatioNal Service selection iz almost heRe aldy... and i may hav the
chance to get
selected amongst million of others born in the year 198?
hah! those jumpers --
younger than the current batch not affected but
will be involved - the following yr
hav mix feelings actually...go then what
happen ? dun go then what happen ?
honestly, i dont mind going but if
no need la... can go work or study..yea.. its only 3 months
compared to Singaporeans - 2 years...

but still = time iz gold yet i'm not appreciating it to the maX...

gtg now... to do A Math now