79. Student Exchange Programme...

soRRy ppl fer the late updatE... been real busy for the past week
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intRo :: Last year befoRe i started this blog... I was involved with a
Exchange Programme to Singapore... organized by Peicai Secondary
School... for a week stint...which i went along with the 4 other ppl
purpose = to experience what itz like to be in a school of another
country...[trust mE... its the BEST experience anyone could get]

so, my role iz to liaise with the teacher in SG...and to arrange stuff
and make sure itz goes well...choosing the ppl to go was one of the
troublesome part...[some to even persuade] Hui Ting wuz the best
coz anything was a OK for her [sort of] while Meng Yean hav to
always ask her parents...Sath - was the persuading part & she didnt
enjoy it either | Ze Wei - the not interested one but somehow went

this was at the Singapore Press Holdings HQ at Toa Payoh...with
some students form Peicai...that guy on da right iz from SPH
[a metrosexual - thats wad Hui Ting said] while the guy on the
left iz Mr. Tan [teacher]...

that was during the tour round the HUGE school block & the ones
taking us were Jia Kang [guy] and the pretty gal, Minru/Lulu...
their compound iz big and they say itz like the smallest school in
SG... compared to my sch - itz tiny... lol

Ms. Kang there... [piC not taken by mE]

this iz 5Baybees...a.k.a 5B..Mr. Tan's class...and also the editor's
of Peicai's Catalyst Newspaper - Daniel Low.. this was taken when
the walk was held in conjunction of Teacher's Day?? which walked
around Serangoon and back to the school...and the not-so-funny guy
Marcus Tan wuz there too... [Del = correct me if i'M wrong..]

enough piCs ???
neway, ltR update again... got summore piCs...
got time visit links on my page that hav the "[sG]" thing - means
that they're bloggers from over the causeway that i met

ltR ppL...