80. RandoM post...

baCk to bloggg...another week of the same routine again...except
tomorrow iz the Prefect's Installation Ceremony that includes mE..
so, today had a rehearsal for tomorrw's event which turned out veryy
err? tiring & a waste of time...coz had to repeat over and over again
the parts that weren't perfect esp. during the pledge...

well, the most dissappointing part was how everything had been
done...not quite satisfying...in my point of view.. so, the emcee had
to shout to all of us to get serious...not the fifth formers but lower
forms, mostly... then they had to go around looking for sponsors
despite each & every prefect had paid RM 5 for this crappy thing...
supposedly for food - which iz from the canteen...swt! like how much
can they charge ? for a price of 5 dollars can really do wonders in
the canteen... in addition to the monthly fees...

yes, yes...other stuff are taken into account like the presents for the
fifth formers [seniors]...tent & et cetera... well, it better turn out way
better than last year...coz reports of prefect starvation had arised at
the banquet...where they had shortage of food & did nothing bout it
besides,purposely went to 1 Utama to get 2 big bottles of carbonated
drinks for tomorrow in any case - we run dry.. which was asked by
them [organizers] anyway...why dont drink water instead? LOL =P

delia :: my sch?? dun wan la...nothing special... btw, mayb will post
some photos' if i take any good shots tomorrw..


cont. Student Exchange Programme piCs...

this was during the presentation by us in conjuction with Merdeka Day
and Singapore's Teacher's Day... all dressed in different outfit that
symbolizes a diverse Malaysian community... =]

penguins~!!!! at the Jurong Bird Park... the place was cold... and
it lo0ked a lil' bit like the penguins from Madagascar... LOL!
well, this iz definately real tho...

this group of flamingos' were found around the pond... doing err
something?? or rather walking around aimlessly... lol...

this 'boneka' [puppet] here iz Albert Einstein at the National Sci.
Centre of Singapore... plus lots of other interesting stuff to see...
definately better than Malaysia's National Science Centre...
their exhibits information are more in detail like the DNA exhibit..

rite.. got few piCs more to go - update on it ltr... [mayb tomorrw]
+ updates on Digi Celebriteen at Cineleisure and my sch's very
own contestant to the finals, Nurul Juliana...