81. Fast weekend again...[but haven't end yet]

today passed real quickly although i didn't do much today...
left with tomorrw which very likely will pass kinda fast indeed...
so, today went for lunch at the Curve - KimGary with my aunt &
younger cousins...it was quite slow to0 since got tons of hungry
ppl there.. queuing to get into the restaurant...

besides waiting, went over to Cineleisure to seE...yupZ! they had
prepared for tomorrw's grand final for Digi Celebriteen at the main
concourse... nicE stage and some DiGi posters about the finalists
everywhere...nvM, will be there tomorrw to watch it - LIVE!

Friday, had stayed back to help Yuni & da gang to make banners
fr Nurul Juliana..as well as her classmates frm 5 Bersih...help give
some support to her... she's afterall my sch mate knowing her fr
years... juz imagine after sch [12.30 p.m] till 3.00 p.m then onli
finished the 3 big banners... LOL!! all the sticking, gumming &
end result - kinda satisfying...=]

Prefects Installation went on grEat!! well, at least no reports 'bout
PrefeCt Starvation...that undeniably occured last year... haha...
but meal was great - got table to sit...while got some students tt
were leeching on our feast ["HEN"ry & Ze Wei] but got extra - finish
also can la...but u HAVE to contribute to Prefect Fund!!! for we had
paid each and no-every-item that u have eaten...some sponsored
dont think itz fREE food coz i cud hav benefited Adillianz instead..
LOL!!! Hui Ting darN prouD aLdy...

students had to sit on da tar road with newspaper as "cushions"
juz to absorb the wet ground... it obviously had seeped through...
while - we "seniors" get to sit on CHAIRs... jealous? think again...
came 2 assembly late cz helped Yun Xin bring da presents fr V.I.P
down from prefect room...her bF was staring with eyes popped out
then went in line.. they even gave a sheep as a present for the
seniors..which looked like a cow/ a moose... others got an ugly
or rather a lil chick... post piC ltr...cam batt charging for
tomorrOw..=] [not a stuffed toy but a statuette...]

real unexpected to meet my old sch mate, a yr younger but pretty
- Loke Ji May...a prefect frm SMKBU4 who came along as invited
guest prefects...Michelle went bizarre repeating to mE -
"lo0k! ur Jamie's there go say Hi!" a lil awkward when i said heLLo
as if she's afraid to see mE [some relation happen be4 - dun wan
to elaborate here] - can say in a way like avoiding ? but i dunno y
sad right??? i noE...i stil remembr when I & YiNky were at McD &
saw her there...years back..that time - she'd stil acknowledge me
now like a different story...I stil keep in touch through Messenger
but thats long be4 and hardly chat with her...now to0... xD

anyOne reads this in time = come watch the Grand Finals of the
DiGi Celebriteen... at Cineleisure, Damansara - 2 p.m

Nurul Juliana iz the 3rd person from the left... now Who Will Win?
we'll see tomorrW... hope she'll win.. haha...coz she representing
Klang Valley - Selangor & KL... Got DiGi num? SMS = VOTE KV &
send to 2000... to0 bad i dun hav DiGi...using Maxis...lol///