82. DiGi Celebriteen...

baCk to bloggg ppl... hav been in the land of somewhere therefore
lack of stuff to update on... well, someone has been searching on
Google for DiGi Celebriteen & leads to my blog for at least 10 times
[i hav the tracker - so i noE] so, after hours of editing photos which
aren't very much + "breaks" in between... lol!

Warning :: to anyone wiF slow PCs shud click da "stop loading" button
- coz this post will be filled wiF piCs & might slow down da PC...

herE goes - last Sunday [6th Aug '06] wuz the Grand Finals of the DiGi
Celebriteen competition...i so happen to be hanging around till 1 p.m
at home before leaving for Cineleisure, Damansara... its like so near...
fat hopes - there was a jam at 1 Utama all the way to the Curve area
anyway, it took onli 15 mins... Shirlena called mE to0...and as well as
Yuni coz suppose to meet them there...

after all meet-up... all of us gathered in front and made some space
for ourselves as Klang Valley supporters..although we're not a very big
number - itz the sincerity that counts! brought the banners to wave
around and teachers joined us from above... while Shirlena [teacher]
and Pn. Chan [principal] were at the standing area... while everybody
got in place and huge printed banners had overcome ours' for other
states as well as their supporters...

we were in between Ray's supporters from Penang and Nur Ulfa's supp.
from Johor... ltr, they had a pre-show and involved the supporters frm
3 states..luckily, I & Jun had gone up first & play a lil' game of theirs
along with some ppl frm the other 2 states...

[piC by kaka]
ah yes... how did i get there in front of so many humans ??? the
lights were blinding!!!... couldnt see a thing bcoz of da spot light..
we played a game of holding the most num of mini footballs...
so, i got around 15 or so footballs that Jun had helped put on &
each of us got the Sony Ericsson Merchandise

yes-yes! a pen, keychain & card holder... nothing to shout about
but itz at least something that we got herE...
after all the contest intro, they headed on with performance 'bout
some breakdance and performance frm Xerra - Malaysian Idol
contestant.. she's kinda alright not to0 bad..

later on, da 7 finalists had come out to sing together.. cant rmembr
what they sang but one of it was Tong Hua by Guang Liang - a
popular chinese song...which means Fairytale.. even the Malay gal
Aisyah [13 yr old] - the shortest & youngest among the finalists..
had sung the song quite well... she had also sung My Heart Will
Go On...
ok but some parts she'd really pitched too high...

then Ray Cheong[Penang] sang something?, Joseph Ng[Perak] sang
You Raised Me Up - Josh Groban...Dave Chai sang a song by JJ Lin
Nur Ulfa
sang Bertakhta Di Hati by god-knows-who... Lily Wong
sang Dialah Di Hati - Siti Nurhaliza and finally Klang V. finalist
- Nurul Juliana sang Bukan Cinta Biasa by Siti Nurhaliza
her voice really sound like the pop princess herself

piC iz abit bluRR coz when i was trying 2 take photo..some MORONS
were pushing here & there therefore i din get a clear view...
this iz when Juliana sang her main song for judgement... I shud b
getting a SEAT tho coz there was alot of seats that were empty

Finally! It was judging time... all the SMS that ppl hav to send and
all...to be calculated & 20% SMS votes + 80% points by judges
determines the winner...

[L-R] Joseph Ng [Ipoh, Perak finalist], Nurul Juliana Mohd. Rosli
[P.Jaya, Klang Valley finalist], Nur Ulfa [J.B finalist], Ray Cheong
Xiangyi [Penang finalist] Nur Aisyah [Sabah finalist], Lily Wong
[Kuantan, Pahang Finalist] & lastly Dave Chai [Sarawak finalist]

CEO of DiGi Telecomm. Morten Lundal presented glass trophies
to all finalists...
2nd round of judging - they selected Ray Cheong
Xiangyi and Nur Ulfa Ghazali... to the 2nd round...
juz after announcement, ppl start buzzing off...except for mE &
other supporters of Ray & Ulfa.. and [lamely] Aaron Lee... that
had followed me the whole day... then, i cut the line & went in
to sit down in the back row... then KRU was singing...

not really a fan of them... so, juz hear them sing their new single
only... juz that one of their members, Yusry had broke up with his
wife, Erra Fazira the actress... no biggie...

Ltr on, they announce the grand prize winner of RM 20K which was
Ray Cheong Xiangyi , 1st runner-up was Nur Ulfa Ghazali [RM10K]
and 2nd runner-up was Dave Chai [RM5K] other finalist got RM 2.5K

at least - never win also go back with something, rite??? plus also
a years' supply of credit for the finalist's' DiGi line...
aftr that wuz piC taking session...with all the so & so ppl...& supp.
then i went up to greet Juliana & took a piC while waiting for others

saw Joseph and the others mingling around...intended to take piC
together but u-noE-la... I.Am iz shy...esp. wif ppl he doesnt really
know... ah! regrets...lol... juz "potato-shaun"

while waiting...went down the stage and to her banner to take piC
Kaka took for J.U Sch Mag while i took it fer fun...lol with Juliana
herself to0 la..then some cameraman & reporter strted barging
through to interview Juliana while i & the others stand aside..swt!
the not-so-important-ppl...

and they didnt take back any of those banners... surprised ??? LOL!

[piC by kaka]
a Group Photo!!!! of da whole gang that actually came back to
Cineleisure together with Juliana's parents and siblings...

first time doing a collage with Picasa... lol... random piCs...

while nearby the stage... went to congratulate Ray Cheong for
winning... to my surprise, he responded well enough...although
he doesnt know me or the others... kinda friendly...=]

i also asked Ka Huey how 'amazed' i am...she said itz probably

the training that they undergone...how to manage fans and
also press interviews...like in Mentor.. which very likely they
wont be as friendly if werent for that training...
yeah... i wuz surprised and my friend told me that it leaves
impression that they aren't really sincere...probably he's
friendly?? who noEs... - neva judge a bk by its cover!

Xfresh iz involved once again BUT neva see da real-life pOp
stil playin' uno-stacko ??? lol...

last photo!!!...
this piC last taken with the staff from DiGi as well as the
undescribeable emcee, Alan... [name edited..lol]

so, it was the end of everything... went back home coz Monday
iz a sch day...while Juliana has a party to attend...
this Aaron has this weirdoness to tell me that he cycled back to
Cineleisure after going home and to party with the other finalist
at someone's apartment... well, he's abit stucked-up [a fact!]
& attention-seeker...and he had followed mE the whole friggin'
day...well, i hav always ignored his existence most of the time..

ltR... [ PLZ coMMent something 'bout this post ppL!!! ] esp.
the particular person that has been searching in Google for DiGi
Celebriteen... for 10 times...