83. Of Trial Exams and Revisions...and randomness

back again to blog... taking a break now from studying... i'M still
trying to understand Physics stuff... currently in da Electronics
chaptr... all the 'GET' stuff...and its 0 & 1 [input & output]
+ trying to differentiate each and every one of it...visually...
although sch teacher havent reached there yet...

well, this week iz examination week fr da lower secondary students
except for Form 5s'... and trials iz in early September...in addition
of the Gerak-Gempur [Standardized Examination for Selangor...]
in which - subject teachers will add both exam marks for overall
trial results... and yes, subj-i-hate Moral is on the 5th September..
the earliest of the whole lot...

not to mention SPM timetable has been released aldy...juz imagine
daily schedule iz e.g :: Paper 2 fr subject A iz from 8.30 a.m till
around 11.00 then another Paper 3 iz in the afternoon, starts at
2.00 p.m until 4 something... crappy extended hours...we'll b like
so 'tepu' [= saturated] up here... b.r.a.i.n

subjects that hasn't completed its syllabus ::
1) A. Math - 3 chapters
2) Chemistry - 1 & 1/2 chapter
3) Biology - 1 chapter
4) Malay Literature.

other than that, we've already preparing to fill up a draft copy of
our Leaving Certificate as well as Co-Curicular reports...
i'm starting to feel some sort of "last moments" in this school...
eventhough its like still got 4 months more till so long & farewell

during biology class...while waitin' fer answers frm teacher...lol
my three items for writing and others...

nowadays, after 'retiring' from Prefectorial Board... most of my
recess time iz spent at the library... i still dislike the library...
coz itz not very conducive and there are BARELY any books that
can be used as reference... all there iz are old 1998 bks & story
bks... so, all i do there during recess iz read newspaper... lol'
since there are fans newly installed in the canteen... can study
there after sch... and itz quiet since got less students...

ever since our sch's celebriteen came back frm her celebriteening
days... everyday she's been smiling away... i meant Nurul Juliana
and that's very unusual of her.. anyway, i asked her today whose
Rowena Hong... She'd instantly asked me whether i wanted her
num... LOL.. a form 2 chiq frm SMKBU 3 also Klang V. participant
for the DiGi Celebriteen... no big deal actually.. juz asking.. lol

next week's hoLIDAY! but not quite so... hav to come back for
remedial/extra class... this Sat till Wednesday... every morning
as well as tuition later on...

p/s :: wont be blogging as frequent as usual... mayb as & when
I like...[really free time] - prob. once a week only...

later ppL...