84. School during holidays...

yupZ...have ya ever heard of sch during holidayz... mayb there iz
well, fer the past several days been attending sch fr classes
which doesnt seem much of a holiday...it had some advantages ::
- going to sch at 8.30 a.m

- break at 10.00 a.m outside the sch

- go home by 12.00 p.m

juz wish that we could juz do that everyday, rite?

honestly- i have been enjoying da classes although sometimes...
i find that i really hate it... itz either teacher gets too "excited"
or it's not very useful...
hmm... physics for example... this Malay lady that teaches us da
subj. really "sort of" blows her top - if we dun understand...as if
we're some sort of students that are genius...in fact, some ppl
need to understand too... i asked her a ques. then she started
to frown like a sour apple...

then she said "Kenapa Shaun hari ini pelik-pelik"... does this
show that i shouldnt ask anything that i dont understand??
maybe i shouldnt do so...coz the next time she replies like that
[sarcastically] = i shall throw a chalk into her mouth...
seriously IF all teachers are like her - who is so unquestionable...
every student should hav failed terribly passed for SPM... luckily
there's still another "source of hope" which iz tuition! for ppl
who thinks that tuition iz useless... honestly- think again...
wif those kind of undedicated teachers in sch...how to excel??

other extra classes are kinda alright... i still enjoyed biology the
most... as its interesting except for Jean as she sllleeepppsss
for da two whole hours... A Math was rather useless for those
who dont go for tuition coz they wont know wht C.P iz teaching
- they were in the probabilty distribution topic...our Mdm. Raiha
hasnt reach there yet... but the lesson was alright...

throughout the holidays- i hadn't done anything extraordinary
except to juz go out... went to Ampang Point & Low Yat Plaza
on tuesday aftr extra class... to see stufff... go out for lunch..
and others... thats juz 30% of what i've done... the rest of it
goes to the books [70%] yes delia.. aM glued to the books eh
unlike u... can stil go holiday when o level prelim iz coming...
i've been revising all the way... history and others...exercises
and tuition...

tomorrw's friday aldy and thats the end of holidayz... how short
and so fast??? i dun want to go back to sch... and in the same
time, face this group of ppl that i dislike... other than that, I
find my class lacking of unity.. =/ everyone's like minding their
business most of the time...[includ mE... lol] very different in a
way compared to da next class... reason = unknown...

lastly, this blog has very few comments despite the fact that
there are an average of 14 unique visitors everyday...
why so quiet ??? speak up eh... too many silent readers aldy!
i dun forbidd ppl frm saying things wad... unless what you're
saying iz stupid la... other than that shud b alright...

btw, has anyone upgraded to Blogger in Beta ?? wanted to do
so but need some feedback...in any case got prob - cant
switch back to old version...

ltr ppL...